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Not yet made a nominee in EPFO ​​account? Do this work immediately in this way – News

EPFO e-Nomination: In India, a large number of employed people have a PF account. Every month some part of the salary of the employees is credited in their PF account. The money deposited in the PF account works to secure the future of the employees. Employees are required to make e-nomination in their PF account. If they do not do e-nomination, then they do not get many essential facilities provided by EPFO. A special campaign is being run by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to fill e-nominations.

If you have not yet filled e-nomination in your PF account, then you should do this work as soon as possible. By e-nomination, you can not only give social security to your family. Rather, in your absence, your family will not have to face any financial problems.

Why nomination is necessary

If a PF account holder unfortunately dies before 60 years, then in such a situation the money deposited in his account is given to the nominee. On the other hand, the number of such people is very high, who have not filled the details of the nominee in their EPFO ​​account.

In case of unfortunate death of the account holder. During that time the family members have to face many difficulties in withdrawing money from the account holder’s account. In such a situation, it is important that you should get e-nomination done in your PF account as soon as possible, so that your family members do not face any problems in your absence.

Will also be deprived of this insurance

Apart from this, if you do not make your e-nomination. In this situation, PF account holders also do not get the benefit of Employee Deposit Linked Scheme and Employee Pension Scheme. You would hardly know that under the Employee Deposit Linked Scheme, PF account holders get accidental insurance of Rs 7 lakh.

If you have not done your e-nomination. In this situation you also have to face problems in withdrawing money from PF account. After e-nomination, you can easily withdraw money for your other needs as well.

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