New excursions for Russians prepared in Brest


After the New Year holidays, an online project for Russians was launched in the Brest region. It was decided to show potential guests in real time not only promoted locations like the Brest Fortress or Belovezhskaya Pushcha, but also other interesting objects, where most Russian travelers have never gone before. The project is called “Brest region: warming with beauty”.

For example, in the village of Bezdezh, Drogichinsky district, there is a museum of folk art “Bezdezhsky aprons”, which has more than 360 self-woven aprons, and they are all different. The exhibition presents the interior of a peasant hut, items of peasant life, patterns of rural clothing. On January 12, on the project’s website, the junior researcher of the museum Lyudmila Yanushchik conducted an online acquaintance with the exposition, and on January 15, Svetlana Volkovich, who works at the Kalya Plesa farmstead of this museum complex, will acquaint the Internet audience with the intricacies of local folk cuisine.

Internet users will also be able to take an excursion to the palace of the Puslovsky counts (Kossovsky castle), get acquainted with the beautiful architectural monuments of Pinsk – the pearl of the Belarusian Polesie, which is called the city of nine centuries, visit the amazing agricultural estate “Polsky maentak” located 60 kilometers from Brest with a culinary master class and show the first village hostel in Belarus …

Every third guest of Belarus visits the Brest region

Elena Kosmach, head of the tourism department of the sports and tourism department of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, is convinced that the interactive Internet project will attract the attention of many Russian travelers:

– We have something to offer tourists. The Brest region is a region with great potential. Every third traveler who comes to the country visits the Brest region.

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