New appointments in HCL Tech expected to reach 22 thousand in the current financial year


New Delhi, Jan 14 (PTI) Information technology company HCL Technologies on Friday said that it has made rapid recruitment and fresh recruitment will reach 20-22 thousand in the current financial year. This is because of the continuous increase in demand for technology services.

Apparao VV, Chief Human Resource Officer, HCL Technologies said the company has already made 17,500 new hires till January 10.

“We expect 20,000 to 22,000 new appointments this year. New recruitment is an important part of our talent strategy and we are certainly looking forward to doubling this number next year in FY 2022-23.”

HCL had 1,97,777 employees at the end of December 2021 quarter, showing a net increase of 10,143.

HCL Technologies’ ‘attrition’ for IT services (based on last 12 months) was 19.8 per cent. It does not include involuntary ‘attrition’ and digital process operations.