NBA champion Timofey Mozgov made his debut in the capital “Rune”


The 2016 NBA champion with Cleveland, the 2012 Olympic bronze medalist center Timofey Mozgov made his debut as part of the Runa (Moscow) Superleague Division I team. The capital club defeated the reservists of the Krasnodar Lokomotiv-Kuban with a score of 83:66, Mozgov scored 15 points.

Recall that Mozgov, after returning from the NBA in 2019, signed a contract with Khimki, but due to injury, he played little. After the loss of the status of the United League team by the Khimki team, Timofey remained unemployed for some time, but in December he joined the ranks of the capital’s Runa, which is having the best season in its short history. At the time of Mozgov’s arrival, “Runa”, led by head coach Oleg Bartunov, took first place in Superleague 1 (the tournament is held under the auspices of the Russian Basketball Federation).

According to the calendar, Runa missed the first round of the Super League in 2022, since the division has an odd number of participants (15), and on January 13, Muscovites at their site in the Dynamo Sports Palace on Lavochkina Street met with the TsOP-Lokomotiv-Kuban team ” (Krasnodar region). Mozgov entered the game from the bench in the fourth minute of the game, scored his first points from free throws and gradually played out.

As a result, Timofey became the top scorer of the match. That’s what made up his 15 points (for 18 and a half minutes of pure time): shots from the field – 6 out of 9, free throws – 3 out of 4. Mozgov made 8 rebounds, and this is also the best indicator in the match. According to the coefficient of utility, and it is calculated by the RSE according to a special formula, the titled center is the best in his team.

Note that point guard Andrey Sopin, who defended the colors of the Russian national team at the 2019 World Cup in China, is playing for Runa.

On New Year’s Eve, another very famous person in basketball became a full-fledged character in Superleague 1 – the former coach of the national squad, CSKA, Kazan UNICS and Lokomotiv-Kuban Evgeny Pashutin. In December, by mutual agreement of the parties, he parted ways with Loko and very quickly decided on a new job, heading the Yekaterinburg Uralmash. So far, the team led by Pashutin has played two home matches in the new year and won both – 97:63 with Irkut (Irkutsk) and 96:83 with Dynamo (Vladivostok).

In the Superleague 1 championship, the leaders are: Runa (Moscow) – 14 wins – 1 loss, Uralmash (Yekaterinburg) – 13-3, Temp-SUMZ-UMMC (Revda) – 13-3, BC Samara – 9-6, “University-Yugra” (Surgut) – 10-6. According to the results of the two-round tournament of 15 teams, the eight strongest participants will advance to the playoffs.