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NASA made a new plan to call aliens, now it will send ‘nude pictures’ of humans to space

Washington: Man has always been trying to find a species like himself in this universe. All the space agencies of the world have been sending different types of signals to space in search of aliens. But now NASA has found a different idea to attract aliens to Earth. NASA has decided that it will send nude pictures of humans in space. While the idea may sound ridiculous, it is part of an updated binary code message that will be used to communicate with aliens in space.

This message has been prepared by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) astronomer Dr. Jonathan Jiang and his colleagues. The message includes questions related to math, DNA structure and our location in the solar system with a naked woman and man. Researchers said that, ‘A binary-coded message has been developed to transmit a message in the Milky Way galaxy. This message also contains general maths questions and physical laws.
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What’s in the message
Researchers further said that in this message information about the biochemical composition of life on Earth has been given. Along with this there is a digital picture of the solar system and information about the surface of the Earth. The message contains digital images of humans, as well as how to send the message back. Jiang and his team propose that the message could be transmitted through a half-kilometer-large telestop in Guizhou, China, or the SETI Institute’s Allen Telescope in northern California.
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Message sent in 1974
He said that the target of sending our message should be a particular area at the center of the Ganga. Because there is a high probability that if aliens did exist, they would be there. The ‘Arecibo message’ was sent in 1974. It is being told that this is an update of the same message. It was broadcast on 16 November with the help of radio wave.


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