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Muslim Vote Bank in UP: Are Muslims disillusioned with Akhilesh Yadav? Situation changed after SP’s defeat in UP elections


Lucknow: First news came that Nahid Hasan Samajwadi Party (Samajwadi Party) is annoyed. After this, the displeasure of Shahzil Islam came to the fore. anymore Aajam Khan ,Azam Khan) showed such displeasure that the politics from Rampur to Sitapur and Lucknow grew hot. For the first time after a long time in the politics of UP, the 2022 assembly elections were two-polar. Usually, there was a contest between more than two parties in the electoral fray. Looking at the last four elections alone, there has been a division between the Bharatiya Janata Party, Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Congress. The situation completely changed in the UP Election 2022. Muslims (Muslim Vote Bank) voted for the SP outright and put it in the fight against the BJP. However, in opposition to this, the BJP also managed to mobilize and once again returned to power by getting more seats than the absolute majority. After that the situation has changed. Minority society is seen in the shadow of some kind of unconscious fear and that fear has increased the stir in the politics of UP.

Be it Nahid Hasan, Shahzil Islam or Azam Khan, these leaders have represented minority votes. Thanks to these faces, the Samajwadi Party was able to win the Muslim vote bank in favor of its candidates in the electoral fray. Due to this power, the leaders have done many such things, which have become a problem for them after the change of power. Such leaders are on target since the formation of Yogi government. After assuming power for the second time, the action started by Yogi Adityanath against criminals and mafia, SP leaders also came under its purview. Samajwadi Party President amid ongoing police action in crime cases Akhilesh Yadav The silence has made the Muslim vote bank think. When leaders are not speaking on their representatives in times of trouble, then what happens when they face any problem? This question has added to the restlessness of the Muslim vote bank.

disillusionment or fear of increasing difficulties
The Muslims are either disillusioned with Akhilesh or are afraid of further trouble. Opinions of political experts differ in this regard. A section believes that the Muslim community has not been disillusioned with Akhilesh or the Samajwadi Party. There is no election yet. At the time of the election, more than 80 percent of the Muslim vote went to the Samajwadi Party. Now what is the guarantee that such cases will not come in the next elections? Actually, right now there is an atmosphere of fear in the Muslim society that they should not be kept out of government schemes. Due to lack of proper facilities, they are expressing their displeasure openly. At the same time, the other section says that the Muslim vote bank has now started to understand that it has been made a political tool.

According to political analysts, all kinds of promises are made during election time. Security is assured, but when the bulldozers reached the places of their leaders, no one came to save them. Somewhere, if a similar situation comes in front of them, then who will come to save them? Therefore, this class is now looking for a new political base.

Muslim had openly voted in favor of SP
Muslims constitute about 19.5% of the population in UP. This class openly supported the Samajwadi Party in the elections. According to the report of The Hindu, Lucknow’s poet Saif Babar says that during the time of UP elections, we saw the SP as a party to compete with the BJP. Because of this, even an anti-SP like me voted for the party. He said that you can call it wisdom or fear in a section, without asking any leader or cleric, people voted for SP unitedly. This had never happened before. Babar says that non-BJP parties ignored our interests. Even after this, he voted for the one who was most capable of defeating the BJP. They say that Muslims never vote for any party on the basis of merit.

There is talk of being disillusioned with SP
Anger among Muslims is on SP’s stand towards Azam Khan. Neither Akhilesh Yadav nor Mulayam Singh Yadav has gone to meet Azam, who has been in jail for 26 months. Azam’s aide Shani Khan says that Mulayam was very close to Azam Khan. There were friends, but he did not even remember his friend even once. They can go for a lion safari in Etawah, but cannot visit Azam Khan in Sitapur jail, 70 km away. They say that leave the talk of Akhilesh Yadav, he cannot take all classes along like his father. Mulayam had the ability to take every section along with him, that is why he was so successful. Akhilesh Yadav gave many such statements during the election, which hurt us. But, the BJP should not get any benefit, so we remained silent.

made Muslims political untouchables
Shani Khan of Rampur says that Muslims have become political untouchables. Everyone wants his vote but no one wants to take his name. At the same time, Abdul Hafiz Gandhi, a law teacher and SP spokesperson of Kasganj, says that the feeling of despair has prevailed among the Muslims. Muslim society has started feeling that efforts are being made to make them second class citizens. They believe that the institutions to which they go to seek justice cannot be fair to them. Muslims have now become politically irrelevant. This community has been forced to understand that they are the target of the government.

Referring to the campaign to remove loudspeakers, Abdul Hafiz says that the decision of the Yogi government was to remove loudspeakers from every religious place. But, Muslims believe that this campaign was carried out to target their religious places. Raising the issue of Shahjil Islam’s demolition of petrol pump, he said that the party did not say anything on it. When anger among Muslims flared up on these matters, Akhilesh Yadav has been seen wearing a red cap in Rosa-Iftar parties in Lucknow.

Parties are limited to cap handkerchief
Moradabad’s RTI activist Salim Baig says that non-BJP parties have been appeasing Muslims even through caps and handkerchiefs. His silence is always reflected on real socio-economic issues. In the year 2012, Samajwadi Party came to power by making 14 promises to Muslims, but these promises were not fulfilled. So called secular parties want only Muslim votes. By getting the votes of Muslims, they promote their community and relatives, but they do not pay attention to the education of Muslims and their basic problems. Actually, this class does not hold more status than the vote bank for them.

need to explore new options
After all these circumstances, the question is arising that what is the way forward for the politics of the Muslim class? Is this disillusionment momentary and will fade with time? Senior Advocate of Allahabad High Court S. Farman Naqvi says that the community here will have to make a new choice. However, it is not sure whether he has the political option to do so. However, in the midst of all these issues, there is a section that has started talking about taking AIMIM forward as an alternative.


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