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Mr. Modi! You have been prime minister twice, what more do you want? Read PM’s reply to ‘big opposition leader’


New Delhi: Prime minister Narendra Modi On Thursday, he was interacting with the people in Bharuch, Gujarat. While participating in the ‘Utkarsh Samaroh’, the PM narrated an anecdote related to a leader of the opposition. Modi said that he is a senior leader. Although they have been opposing us politically as well, but I respect them. So because of some things, he had a little displeasure and displeasure, so one day he came to meet him. Said that Modi ji what to do… Twice the country made you Prime Minister… what to do now…? He used to think that if he became Prime Minister twice, a lot has happened. They don’t know that Modi belongs to a different soil. This land of Gujarat has prepared him. PM Modi said, ‘My dream is saturation… Let us move forward towards the goal of 100%.’

‘I didn’t come to do politics…’
Modi further said, ‘In 2014, when you gave us the opportunity to serve, almost half of the country’s population was deprived of toilet facility, vaccination facility, electricity connection facility, bank account facility. Due to the efforts of all, many schemes have been able to bring close to 100% saturation. The country has resolved to reach 100% beneficiaries. When you reach 100%, then the first psychological change comes, that is very important. In that the citizen of the country gets out of the state of petitioner. He said, ‘I said earlier also that such tasks are difficult, even politicians are afraid to lay their hands on them. But I have not come to do politics, but to serve the countrymen. The country has taken a pledge to reach 100% beneficiaries.

When we achieve 100% target in any scheme, it means that the governance-administration is sensitive. No one’s recommendation is needed.

PM Modi in Bharuch

PM Modi said that due to lack of information, many people are often deprived of the benefits of schemes. “Sometimes the plans remain on paper only. Sometimes these schemes are taken advantage of by unscrupulous people.

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