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Mother used to starve, you didn’t even pay attention… when the soldier’s father was stunned after hearing the words of the murdered son


Lucknow: In Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the minor accused who killed his mother due to the addiction of PUBG has no remorse for his actions. On Wednesday, Kishor’s father had reached the police station to meet him. Seeing his father in front of him, there was no remorse in his eyes for his actions. On the contrary, he kept complaining about his mother to his father. Kishore also told the father that you also did not pay attention.

Everyone was surprised by the behavior of the teenager in the police station. Fauji’s father had reached Lucknow from West Bengal on Wednesday. After going home, he went to PGI police station to meet his son. Contrary to his expectation, there was no regret in Kishor’s eyes when his son was brought to the fore. He told his father that his mother used to keep him hungry. He used to beat her and father also did not pay attention to it.

Said to father – Mechanic killed mother
After killing the mother, the accused first called his father. Seeing Crime Patrol on TV, he had prepared many murder stories. He told the father on the phone that the mother had been killed by the electric mechanic. On this the father asked him whether the mechanic has killed or have you killed him? The investigation of the police has revealed many things about the juvenile. It is being told that Lati Kishore of PUBG used to watch Crime Patrol serials on TV.

Stories of murder made after watching serial
After watching the serial, he made many stories of murder. When his military father used to come home, he used to clean his pistol. After that he used to lock it in the cupboard and go away. The teenager was looking for the key to the cupboard for several days. In this attempt, he got a duplicate key made. Mother was stopping him from playing PUBG for several days, due to which he was getting angry. One day his phone was snatched by his mother, which he had complained to his maternal grandfather. At the behest of Nana, the mother returned the phone to him.

was shot on the forehead
It was told that after this incident, the young man had started plotting to kill the mother. Then one day when he interrupted for PUBG, he shot his mother with her father’s gun by hitting her on the forehead. Due to the close exposure, the bullet went through the skull and the surrounding skin was also burnt. Police said that the accused had learned to shoot after watching videos on YouTube.

dog left food and drink
Hearing the sound of bullets, the younger sister of the accused ran to the room. After this, he picked up the sister in his lap and took her to another room and started explaining. If the sister did not calm down, she also threatened to kill her. After this he tied the dog of the house out of the room. The dog lay there hungry and thirsty for three days. Despite the food items being placed in front, the dog did not touch it. When Kishore’s father returned home, he let the dog into the room. For a long time, he kept hovering in the room of the crime.

Accused was expelled from school many times
Apart from being addicted to online games, everyone was troubled by Kishore’s other antics. He didn’t listen to anyone. Kishore’s maternal grandfather told that he did not talk directly to people. He was thrown out of many schools for his bad behavior. A year ago, he had run away from home on some issue. He was later recovered from Gomtinagar. On the complaint of Kishore’s grandmother, the police have written a case against him.

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