‘Modi government has put friendly neighboring countries in danger’ Rahul again furious at the Center by mentioning China



New Delhi
former president of congress Rahul Gandhi Citing a news report, on Friday alleged that the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has put friendly neighboring countries at risk with its “inaction” against China’s aggression. He tweeted, “The Modi government first handed over our land and has now put our immediate neighbors in danger with their inaction in pushing back China. If you will not stand up for yourself then how will you stand up for your friends?’

The news cited by the Congress claims that China has illegally built villages in Bhutan. There has been tension between India and China on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh for the last several months. Recently, in the 14th round of talks between the armies of the two countries, India stressed on the early withdrawal of troops from the remaining places of confrontation in eastern Ladakh. The talks, however, did not materialize and both sides agreed to maintain close contact through military and diplomatic channels and to continue talks for a mutually acceptable solution to the remaining issues at the earliest.

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A joint statement issued after the talks said that both sides have agreed to hold the next round of border talks at the earliest. Indian Army Chief General MM Naravane said on Wednesday that India was hopeful of resolving issues related to the withdrawal of troops at patrol point 15 (Hot Springs) in eastern Ladakh in the 14th round of talks. Referring to another news, Rahul Gandhi claimed that the government lied about the deaths due to Kovid which the whole world knows. He tweeted, ‘Govt of India lies. The world knows. India suffers.