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Megaraptor Dinosaur: World’s largest raptor dinosaur found in Argentina, was 33 feet long, dreaded hunter

Buenos Aires: The remains of the world’s largest raptor dinosaur have been found in the Latin American country of Argentina. This dinosaur ruled the land of Argentina 70 million years ago. The raptor’s sharp nails and tremendous agility made it one of the most dangerous dinosaurs in the world. The dinosaur found in Argentina was about 33 feet long and weighed 5 tons. Experts believe that it is the largest of the megaraptors ever found.

The bones of this megaraptor have been found in El Calafate, located at a distance of 2698 km from the capital Buenos Aires. Analysis of these bones revealed that this megaraptor was 30 to 33 feet long and weighed about 5 tons, which was twice the weight of a rhinoceros. It had a large spinal cord which was connected with muscles, nerves and ligaments. Because of this, this huge dinosaur used to stand upright and fold its legs while walking or running.

Dinosaur bones found in Argentina

Megaraptor had a long tail and two legs
The author of the research, Mauro Aranciga Rolando, said, ‘The bones of the raptor helped us to understand the anatomy of this megaraptor better. These raptors belonged to a family whose skeleton was not like that of a tyrannosaurus. In other words, his bones were not strong. There was a lot of emptiness in her, due to which she was very light. Megaraptor had a long tail and two legs. They had huge nails, which were 13.7 in size.

This nail was the main weapon of these dinosaurs. Megaraptor was first discovered in 1996 in Neuquén, Argentina. After this, many remains of Megaraptor were found in Australia, Japan and Thailand. The nails of the dinosaurs found in Neuquén were 40 cm long. Its younger relatives were also found in Australia. According to experts, the dinosaur found in El Calafate was one of the largest dinosaurs just before the extinction of this species. At that time this area used to be very hot.


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