McDonald’s was troubled by the shortage of potatoes, now KFC too has a shortage of chicken


New Delhi
Business activities around the world are once again being affected due to the increasing outbreak of the new variant Omicron of Coronavirus (Covid-19). Due to the disruption of the supply chain due to the epidemic, there has been a shortage of food and drink. The world’s leading fast food chains KFC and McDonald’s have also started showing its effect. McDonald’s was already battling a shortage of potatoes and now KFC too has run out of chicken.

According to a CNN report, KFC is facing a shortage of fresh chicken in Australia. Similarly, the supply of French fries to McDonald’s in Japan has come down. For this reason they have had to remove some items from their menu. Both companies have blamed supply chain problems for this. Due to this the functioning of restaurants across the world has been affected.

Can’t find chicken
KFC in Australia said it had to remove some of its items from menus at some locations in the country as it was unable to find fresh chicken. There is a shortage of staff due to the corona pandemic. Due to this the suppliers have been badly affected. A KFC spokesperson said that the company is providing all possible help to the suppliers to deal with the situation, but the problem may persist for the next few weeks. However, the company has not clarified which items have been affected due to the shortage of chicken.

On Tuesday, Ingham’s, Australia’s poultry processor and partner of KFC, said that it has a severe shortage of workers. Due to this the production and operational efficiency of the company has been affected. Meanwhile, McDonald’s has stopped selling medium and large portions of fries in Japan. Earlier last month also the company had to do this. The company says that it will sell only the small size portion in January.

Why there was a shortage of potatoes
According to the company, the potato shortage is likely to continue this month. Potato imports have been affected due to flooding near Canada’s Port of Vancouver. Shipping services have been affected due to heavy snowfall and inclement weather. The company said in a statement that it is working on new distribution channels to ensure continuous supply of potatoes in future.

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