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Master Sahib’s commando force, neither negotiation nor agreement, this old picture of school days going viral on social media


New Delhi: Let the birds fly, they don’t come back to their childhood days. This poetry of famous poet Bashir Badr was once again remembered. What were those childhood days? Neither worry about the future nor fear of the present, just rejoice in your tune. So what to say when it comes to school? All the mischief suddenly comes in front of my eyes. They fight in childhood, play with each other, harass the teacher, listen to scolding for making mistakes, etc. Of such a book of memories, seeing every page of which you feel like getting lost, a smile spreads on your face. You must be thinking that why are we suddenly remembering childhood and especially the childhood spent in school today. The reason is a picture going viral on social media in which some of his own companions are forcibly caught and taken to the master sahib. The photo is of course old but seems to be going straight in the mind. shared it IPS Subhash Dubey (IPS Subhash Dubey) who is currently serving as Additional CP in Varanasi.

what’s in the viral photo
Sharing this picture, IPS Subhash Dubey wrote that in childhood, the commando force sent by Master ji in the school, which neither negotiated nor negotiated. Now let us also explain the meaning of the picture. In the viral picture, some of his schoolmates are seen forcibly taking a child to the master sahib. While there is enthusiasm in the companions, there is a wrinkle on the forehead of that child. The fear of the master’s task force and the fear of being punished for his mistake is clearly visible on the child’s face. Now people’s reactions are also coming on this video.

Take a look at people’s reaction too
As soon as this picture went viral, people also went to their early days of school and made various comments. Shatrughan Jaiswal said that he used to take me like this every day till 5th. A user named Avtar Singh wrote that this force used to arrest directly without NBW using minimum necessary force, that too without signing the notice of section 41 CrPC, leave 24 hours and appear before the Hon’ble Court (Master ji) in 10 to 15 minutes. She used to do that too without leaving in the daily routine.

A user named Pawan Trivedi wrote that these are the most beautiful moments of life, they cannot be lived again. Now just keep running after money and success, carry the burden of responsibilities. At the same time, a user named PC Pandey wrote, Sir, old memories were reduced to just the picture. Now if a child is caught like this and takes the children’s commandos, then immediately you will get a phone call.

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