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Long-range BrahMos missile fired from Sukhoi, land or sea… the Air Force will destroy the target


New Delhi: India test fired BrahMos ER (Extended Range) from Air Force fighter aircraft Sukhoi-30MKI, which was successful. This was the first launch of the ER (Extended Range) version of BrahMos from Sukhoi. With its success, the Air Force has now been able to attack Sukhoi fighter aircraft by hitting a target at a very long distance on the ground or in the sea. During the test, BrahMos hit the target precisely in the Bay of Bengal. This will increase the strategic attack capability of the country. The Defense Ministry said this was the first test of an extended version of the BrahMos missile from a Sukhoi-30MKI aircraft.

The range of this upgraded version of the missile has been increased from 290 km to about 350 km. “The launch from the aircraft was as planned and the missile hit the target directly in the Bay of Bengal,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Defense Ministry said that the high performance of the Sukhoi-30MKI aircraft along with the missile’s extended range capability gives the Indian Air Force strategic access and gives it the capability to be effective over future war zones. “With this (test launch), the Indian Air Force has acquired the capability of carrying out precision strikes from Sukhoi 30MKI aircraft against land/sea targets at very long ranges,” the ministry said.

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