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Less noise coming from the phone? No need to go to the service center, just do it sitting at home – News

New Delhi: how to clean smartphone speaker grill: After buying a new smartphone, initially the phone works well. But, then one of the problems in the phone comes out. The noise in some smartphones is getting less and less. Many suffer from low volume during calls. So more and more smartphone users rush to the service center. This problem is caused by dust particles in the speakers. You do not have to go to the service center to fix this problem. You can fix this problem at home. Today we are going to tell you some tips on how not to damage the speaker of the phone in this place. Learn the details.

Profession cleaning kit
This method will cost you less money. But, your phone will be safely cleaned. You can buy a smartphone cleaning kit from Aftermarket or online website. This will allow you to clean the speaker.

Use a soft brush

If you do not want to spend money on cleaning kits, you can use any brush at home. But, this brush should be soft. It should also be clean. With the help of this brush you can clean it slowly.

Compressed air pump
With a compressed air pump you can not only clean the phone but also the speaker grill of the phone. You can also clean the charging port. Just make sure the pump is not too powerful while doing this.

Use clothing
If you do not have any of the above items, you can use clean clothes at home. You can clean the phone speaker with the help of this cloth. Just be careful that no fabric fabric gets into the speaker while doing this.

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