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Labor Law: From 12 hours job to 4 days a week work, will the government implement new rules from July? – News

Labor Law: The plan of the Modi government at the center is that from July 1, the new labor code should be implemented in the country. If this happens, then from July 1, your working hours may not be 8-9 but 12 hours. However, if this happens, there will also be 3 days off in a week. Officials associated with the scheme say that the Modi government plans to implement them in July itself.

Know what can happen in the new rules
According to the new draft rule, companies will have the right to increase the working hours to 12 hours in a day, although in this situation they will also have to give 3 days off to the employee in a week. The employee will have to work four days a week for 12 hours i.e. 48 hours.

What will change regarding salary
After the new labor code comes, the salary structure of the employees will also change. Their basic salary should be 50 percent or more of the total salary. Under this, on increasing the basic salary, the amount of PF and gratuity money will become more. This is because the PF money is based on the basic salary and with the increase in PF, your take-home salary or the actual amount in hand every month will reduce. At the same time, more amount will come in the PF account.

What will change in retirement
After the new labor code comes, the employee will have more money left for retirement because his money going towards PF and gratuity will increase. However, this will also change the cost of companies because they will contribute more on the basis of PF of the employees and their share will also increase.

Although no official information has come about it yet, but there are all-round discussions in media reports that from July 1, the proposed four new rules of the Labor Code will come into force.

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