Krasnodar signed a contract with the new head coach Farke


“On January 13, 2022, German specialist Daniel Farke became the head coach of the Bulls. Edmund Riemer will become his assistant at Krasnodar, Christopher John and Chris Domogalla will also join the coaching staff,” the FC press service said.

Recall that the team from the capital of Kuban was left without a head coach after the unexpected dismissal on January 5 from the post of Viktor Gancharenko and his assistants. In the camp of the “townspeople” they did not comment on this resignation, and the Belarusian specialist himself explained what happened between him and the leaders of the football club serious disagreements.

In general, the southerners, who were left without a coaching staff just a week before the team left the winter vacation, were forced to urgently look for a replacement for him. As it turned out, at first two candidates were seriously considered – Serb Marko Nikolic and Georgian Shota Arveladze (both of them speak Russian well, which is very important for club president Sergei Galitsky, who is used to constant personal contacts with the head coach). But as a result, rather unexpectedly, the bet was made on Farka.

As already reported, information about completed The success of the German’s negotiations with the “bulls” was leaked to the press on January 11 in the evening. This news caused a heated discussion of football experts on the Web and sports online media. However, the conversation was mainly around the most extraordinary situation. This was, in general, quite understandable, since, probably, none of them, as they say, simply did not see a German specialist in the case. And the biography of the new helmsman of Krasnodar is very interesting.

Daniel Farke, during his playing career, played only for teams in the lower German divisions and in one of them (Lippstadt 08) he began his coaching career in 2009, having managed to take him from the sixth to the fourth division. After that, in the fall of 2015, he headed Borussia Dortmund II, the reserve team of the famous club, which at that time was coached by the current Chelsea mentor Thomas Tuchel. Most likely, Farke at that time for the first time saw the game of Krasnodar, which twice – in September and November 2015 – met with Borussia (1:2 and 1:0) in the group stage of the Europa League.

And two years later, Daniel drew attention in England, inviting him to the post of head coach of Norwich, who played in the Championship – the first division. Since then, Farke twice led the Canaries (the nickname of the teams), which have a very modest budget in British terms, to the Premier League. But if he was forgiven for the first departure from the Premier League, then the disastrous start of the current season – Norwich immediately firmly settled in last place, devastatingly losing every second match, turned out to be fatal: in mid-November, Farke was dismissed.

They say that Farke is a supporter of attacking football, based on aggressiveness and high pressure. True, it is still difficult to say how much he will be able to do in Krasnodar. In the English Premier League, the “canaries”, despite all the tactical research, most of the fights against more classy opponents had to be held on the defensive, and, as you know, in the Russian championship, the “bulls”, on the contrary, mostly dominate.

Daniel Farke became the sixth head coach of the team in 11 years of Krasnodar’s appearance in the RPL. Before him, this post was held by Serb Slavoljub Muslin, Oleg Kononov, Igor Shalimov, Murad Musaev and Viktor Gancharenko.

Krasnodar are currently fifth in the Russian league with 29 points ahead of the winter break. The team is faced with the task to get involved in the fight for championship medals and a ticket to European tournaments.


As the press service of the Bulls said, the team came out of vacation yesterday and immediately went to the first training camp (it will last until January 23) in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, some of the players will join the partners already in Dubai. The rivals of the Kuban in the control matches here will be the Polish “Legia” (January 19) and the Slovak “Zilina” (two matches are scheduled with it with two different teams on January 23).

The second and third training camps were planned to be held in Spanish Marbella – from January 26 to February 6 and from February 9 to 20. And Krasnodar will play the first official match in the new year on February 27: in the match of the 19th round of the RPL, the southerners will host the Moscow Lokomotiv.