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Korean Age: In South Korea, the President made a strange promise to reduce the age of the public, know how a country will be ‘1 year’ young

Seoul : Age is one such thing in a person’s life that never comes back. Although everyone wants to remain young. But is it really possible to reduce something that naturally increases with age? This is going to be possible in South Korea. There is a possibility under which people in South Korea could be a year younger. However, this can happen only on paper. This will happen when the country’s elected President Eun Suk-yol ends the concept of ‘Korean age’ in the country.

Age is calculated differently in South Korea than in other places. When children are born in the country, their age is considered as one year. And on the new year, one more year is added to his age. Think of it like this, if a child is born in December, then it will be considered as one year old and after only four weeks i.e. on the new year, it is considered as two years old.

Confusion among people about exact age
During a press conference a few days ago, Lee Yong-ho, head of a subcommittee of Yoon’s transition team, said that he advocates standardizing the method of calculating age in South Korea. They said they wanted to change it for practical reasons. According to Yonhap news agency, he said that due to different methods of calculating legal and social age, there remains confusion about the exact age when signing contracts for government jobs.

Multiple ways to calculate age in South Korea
Under the concept of ‘Korean age’, the age of children is one year at birth and two years on New Year’s. In this concept, those nine months are counted by adding one year to the age of the child during which he is in his mother’s womb. However, South Korea also follows the usual age calculation system in which age is determined on the basis of birthday. In a third method, the age of the child at birth is counted as zero and one year is added to his age on the new year.


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