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Know in which fertilizer business you will get strong returns, you will become a millionaire in no time! – News

Business Plan Organic Manure: Nowadays the demand for organic farming products is increasing very fast in the market. As people are becoming alert about their health, they are keeping distance from vegetables and fruits sprayed with artificial fertilizers and pesticides. In such a situation, if you are looking for a business idea related to farming, then we have brought a great idea for you.

You can take advantage of this changing lifestyle by starting an organic fertilizer business. The use of organic manure not only improves the quality of your crop but also maintains the fertility of your land. Eating fruits and vegetables grown from organic manure does not have any adverse effect on the body. Therefore, nowadays farmers have started giving more importance to organic manure. We will tell you how to start this business and how much profit is there in it.

How much does organic fertilizer business cost,

Your initial investment in this may be a bit high but you can take a loan for it. If you want to start its business on a small scale, then it will cost 1-5 lakh rupees. You can do the work of making organic manure on any land lying vacant with you. After this you will need many types of machines. In this, Bio Reactor, Bio Fermenter, Auto Clave, Boiler, RO Plant, Compost Sewing Machine, Compressor, Freezer, Conveyors and some other machines will be needed. Also, to start this business, you will have to get a fertilizer license along with GST registration.

where to get raw material and how much will you earn,

You will need sheep manure, poultry manure, cow dung, agricultural waste and rock phosphate as raw material for making organic manure.

Most of the times the return from a business depends on its scale. It means how big that business has been done. In the business of organic fertilizers, you can get a profit of 20-21 percent on the cost. That is, if you have invested Rs 5 lakh, then your total earning will be more than Rs 6 lakh and your net profit will be Rs 1 lakh.

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