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Kansa of Kaliyuga: bitten a 7-month-old child sleeping in father’s lap, accused kept walking with a bloodied sword at the station


Sandeep Kumar, MuzaffarpurWe all know the tales of Kansa’s cruelty. How did he kill his newborn nephews and nieces, sometimes by slamming them on a stone and sometimes by cutting them with a sword. A similar brutality story has come to light in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Here a man killed a 7-month-old child by cutting him with a sword. Vegetable seller Raja Patel alias Chhotu and his lactating seven-month-old son Mahir Kumar were attacked by some people with a sword on the Kathi bridge of the city at around 10 pm on Wednesday. In this, Chhotu and the milk-mouthed Mahir got seriously injured in the lap. Doctors declared Mahir brought dead after being taken to the hospital for treatment. The attackers fled from the spot after the incident. Chhotu could not get information about where the attackers ran due to night. Qazi Mohammadpur police is investigating the matter. SHO Satendra Kumar Sinha reached the spot and investigated.

Mahir died during treatment
After the incident, there was chaos near the Katahi bridge. Police is busy in the exercise of FIR. Chhotu told that Mahir’s health was bad. He was going to the hospital with his wife to see the doctor. As soon as Kathi reached over the bridge. Five-six people already sitting in ambush attacked. Until Chhotu and his wife could manage, the attackers attacked Chhotu with a sword. The sword went through his head and hit Mahir’s head. Both started making noise. Local people also arrived. He took the child to the Sadar Hospital, where Mahir died during treatment.

The women of Katahipul Mandi allege that before the train opened, the attacking youth walked with a blood-stained sword for about five minutes. But no one caught him. The GRP also did not pay attention to the blood-stained sword.
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Police is conducting raids to arrest the accused
Chhotu’s relatives also reached as soon as the incident was reported. Police was informed. Till late night, all the Qazis were standing at the Mohammadpur police station with the body of the child. At the same time, Mahir’s mother became upset. Sometimes she was looking at the child, sometimes she was kissing him. Other women present there were trying to pacify him by consoling him. SHO Satendra Kumar Sinha said that the matter is being investigated. Preliminary investigation has revealed an old tradition. By registering an FIR, the police has started taking legal action. Police is conducting raids to arrest the accused.
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Outrage among the traders of Mandi
There is anger among the traders of the vegetable market after the killing of a seven-month-old child, Mahir Kumar, with a sword. Traders say that if the killer is not arrested, they will protest.

Brought to the police station for refusing to be buried in Muktidham
Taking the son’s body, Chotu reached Muktidham for burial. The corporation employee present there refused to bury the dead body, calling the incident a police case. Asked to take him to the police station. After this, the family reached the Kazimohmadpur police station with the dead body in their lap.

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