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Jesus Statue: 141-feet high statue of Jesus Christ built in Brazil, ‘Heart Balcony’ built in the chest of Jesus

Sao Paulo: The third tallest statue of Jesus Christ in the world has been completed in Encantado, Brazil. It has surpassed the famous Christ the Redeemer Statue of Rio de Janeiro by a height of five metres. The height of Christ the Redeemer is 38 meters while the new statue of Jesus is 43 meters high. It has been named ‘Christ the Protector’. The construction of the statue was completed last month on April 22.

According to Newsweek’s news, the 43-metre tall statue is the third tallest statue of Jesus Christ in the world. In this, Indonesia’s Buntu Burake Statue of 52.55 meters high is at number one and the 52.5 meter high Christ the King Statue of Poland is at number two. The idea of ​​Christ the Protector was given by the local mayor, Edroaldo Conzatti, who died of Corona in March 2021.
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Sculptor said – words cannot express the feeling
This sculpture was made by Brazilian artist Marcus Moura. The local traders have given a major part of the cost of this idol. Its construction started in 2019. According to the report, on the completion of the statue, Marcus told the media, ‘I am very emotional. I cannot describe this feeling in words. The work of the statue is almost complete now but little work is yet to be done around it, due to which the statue will be inaugurated at the end of this year.

Heart balcony built 40 meters above the ground
This statue also has a heart-shaped balcony which is situated in the chest of Jesus at a height of 40 meters from the ground. Tourists can reach this balcony with the help of elevator from where tourists will get a wonderful view of the country. Even before the completion of the construction work, more than 50,000 people including tourists from 21 countries have visited this place. Things like shops, restaurants, viewpoints are yet to be built for the tourists.


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