Italians began to breed because of the polar views on vaccination


The COVID-19 vaccine has become a new bone of contention between Italian couples. Local lawyers are sounding the alarm, calling the spike in divorces amid vaccine controversy a “side effect” of the global pandemic.

The first wave of divorces covered Italians during the total lockdown in the spring of 2020, when all family members were forced to spend 24 hours a day under one roof.

Two years later, new difficulties appeared – in most families in crisis, one of the spouses is in favor of immunization, and the other is categorically against it. Often the conflict reaches such a boiling point that it is easier for a husband and wife to divorce than to continue to passionately prove their case, citing a lot of arguments that the other side is simply not ready to take at face value. Since December last year, children from 5 to 11 years old have been vaccinated in the Apennines, the vaccination of which is especially difficult for parents to agree on.

According to Carmen Posilippo, a family lawyer from Caserta, the reluctance to be vaccinated today is perceived as a lack of love for a partner. The law firm is literally inundated with separation claims, which are usually the first step to a permanent breakup. Moreover, often we are talking about couples who generally have no problems, and the only stumbling block is vaccination against coronavirus. Therefore, those who want, with the help of a lawyer, to obtain consent from their spouse for the vaccination of a common child, began to turn to a lawyer more and more.

“In the old days, people argued about the place of joint holidays, the christening of children, the choice of a sports section, and now they are in conflict over vaccination,” complains Carmen Posilippo, noting that males predominate among opponents of vaccination.