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Indian Railways: This 5 digit code written on the train compartment is very special, gives many big information – News

Indian Railway Rules: If you also travel by train, then today’s news is very important for you. Do you know that 5 digit number is written on every coach of the train. This number written on the bogie of the train is very special. According to the rules of the railway, many special information related to the bogie is hidden in these five numbers. Let us know all the information related to it.

These five digits (Train Coac Number) written outside each bogie of the train give information about when this bogie was made, what type of bogie it is. The first two digits of 5 digits show when this bogie of the train was manufactured and the last three digits show the category of this bogie.

Meaning of first two digits

Understand with example- Suppose the number 13328 is written on a bogie of the train. So to decode it, first you break it into two parts and read it. The first two digits tell us the time of its formation. Like in this case, this bogie was made in 2013. If 98397 would have been written on the same bogie, then it means that this bogie would have been built in 1998.

Meaning of last three digits

The last 3 digits of 5 digits indicate the category of that bogie. Like in the first case (06497) this bogie belongs to the general category and in the second case (98397) the bogie belongs to the sleeper class. If you want to understand it in detail then see this chart.

001-025 : AC First class
026-050 : Composite 1AC + AC-2T
051-100: AC-2T
101-150: AC-3T
151-200 : CC (AC Chair Car)
201-400 : SL (2nd Class Sleeper)
401-600 : GS (General 2nd Class)
601-700 : 2S (2nd Class Sitting/Jan Shatabdi Chair Class)
701-800 : Sitting Cum luggage Rake
801 + : Pantry Car, Generator or Mail

Now you must have understood that the 5 digit number 2 written on the box gives important information. Now whenever you travel by train, by looking at the number written on the outside of your bogie, you can easily tell when this bogie is made and which class it belongs to.

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