Indian Railway News: Guards of trains will now be called ‘train managers’, years old designation changed


New Delhi
Guard will no longer be called Train Guard in trains. Indian Railways has said that now the name of Train Guard has been changed to ‘Train Manager’. That is, now the train guard will be called the train manager. This decision will come into force with immediate effect. In this regard, the Railway Board has issued instructions to the General Managers of all the Railways. This has been publicly announced by Indian Railways through Twitter.

According to the circular issued, the revised designations of various guards in trains will now be like this.

The Railways has also said that the change in the name of the post will not have any effect on the pay levels. Apart from this, there will be no impact on the process related to recruitment, existing duties and responsibilities, seniority and promotion in the respective posts.

Because of this there was a demand to change the name
There was a demand for change in the designation of train guards for some time now. There was a demand that the train guard designation has now become obsolete and people in the society understand the meaning of guard with guard in a private company etc. Hence there was a demand that this designation be changed to Train Manager.