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India is greater than Sonia-Rahul, if any Congressman says this, the job will go away… Himanta Biswa Sarma’s sharp attack on Gandhi family


Himanta Biswa Sarma attacks Gandhi family: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has launched a scathing attack on the Gandhi family. He has raised serious questions on the working style of Congress. On the basis of his 22 years of prior experience in the Congress, the Assam CM said that there is such an atmosphere in the party that nothing is ahead of the Gandhi family. Within the Congress, this family is the country. No one dares to tell Sonia-Rahul that India is greater than them. The job will be cleared. BJP’s environment is just the opposite. There is nothing more than the country here. The leader is not even the party. This is a big difference between the two parties. The Chief Minister of Assam had reached a program organized by the weekly magazine Panchyajanya on Sunday. During this, apart from the Gandhi family, he expressed his opinion freely on the issues of Madrasas and Muslims.

Himanta Biswa Sarma has been in Congress for a long time. The CM said that there are allegations that he betrayed the Gandhi family. Congressmen make statements in such a way that the opposition to the Gandhi family is the opposition to India. How can not meeting ideas with any one person equal to cheating on the country?

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Himanta said on the basis of his prior experience in Congress for 22 years that Gandhi is considered as the country within the party. The BJP’s environment is just the opposite. You can proudly speak here Nation First. Leave the leader alone, the nation is above the party. If you tell Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi that India is greater than you, then your job will be cleared.

Surrounded by the statement of ‘Union of State’
Himanta Biswa Sarma also surrounded Rahul Gandhi for his ‘Union of State’ statement. Assam CM said that if India is ‘Union of State’ then where has our 5000 year old culture gone. To say this means that you are challenging the rich culture of India. Rahul Gandhi is explaining to the people as if there was a mutual contract. Ramayana, Mahabharata, Kautilya, Chandragupta, Shivaji… Where did all this go? But, it is not Rahul’s fault. Tuition of some JNU etc. has been imposed by those who taught all this. It has to be understood that there is a difference between the federalism of America and India. India was culturally a nation from a long time ago.

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The word madrasa is right to be extinct
The Assam CM also spoke on the issues of madrassa and Muslims. He said that the word madrassa should be extinct. As long as the word madrassa keeps reverberating in the mind, no child can become a doctor or an engineer. Admission in madrassa is done only for human rights violations.

Sarma said that you read the Quran, there is no problem in that. But, there is a greater need to teach science, maths and other branches of modern education. Teach as much religion-book as you want to be taught at home. But, provide such training in school so that your son can become a doctor, engineer, professor and scientist. The CM of Assam also said that it also needs to be known that all these Muslim brothers were Hindus. All were Hindus on the soil of India. In such a situation, if a Muslim child is very talented, then some of his credit also goes to his previous Hindu history.

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