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Imran Khan News: Mr. Biden! Have you increased or decreased anti-American sentiment in Pakistan? Imran Khan furious

Islamabad: After being removed from the power of Pakistan Imran Khan These days there is a lot of venom against America. Imran Khan alleges that America has removed him from the chair of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. In such a situation, Imran Khan has now directly attacked US President Joe Biden by tweeting. Imran Khan asked whether you have reduced or increased the anti-US sentiment in Pakistan by being involved in a conspiracy to remove a democratically elected prime minister. Imran Khan is the same person who publicly expressed his grief several times over the non-calling of Joe Biden as Pakistani Prime Minister.

Imran Khan asked Biden a question
Imran Khan wrote in the tweet that my question to the Biden administration: by joining a regime change conspiracy to remove the democratically elected PM of a country of over 220 million people to bring in a puppet PM, do you think? Whether you have reduced or increased anti-American sentiment in Pakistan?

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Imran made a big claim by tweeting the video
Sharing a video in another tweet, Imran wrote that if anyone has any doubts about America’s conspiracy to change regime in Pakistan, then this video should remove all doubts that the democratically elected PM and his Why was the government removed? He claimed that the US clearly wants an obedient puppet in Pakistan as the prime minister. Which would not allow Pakistan to remain neutral in an ongoing war in Europe.

Only the one who obeys America will become the PM of Pakistan!
He said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan will be the one who will be obedient to the demand of America. Which would not sign agreements with Russia and that would undermine our strategic ties with China. If a prime minister claims Pakistan’s sovereignty and an independent foreign policy, he will be removed. After that a bad and crooked prime minister like Shahbaz Sharif will be brought in.

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Demanded the Chief Justice to set up a commission
Imran Khan did not stop at this. He once again claimed that after the US re-exploited a regime change plot in Pakistan that linked US State Department official David Lu’s threat from a secret message sent by our envoy to Washington, this became clear. It happens that it is the duty of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to set up a commission to investigate the people involved in this conspiracy and to hold a public hearing.


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