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If you take 1 on 1 free liquor from Delhi, UP, then be alert, may have to go to jail


Noida/Ghaziabad: If you also go to Ghaziabad or Noida with one free liquor from Delhi, then be careful. If caught, you could end up in jail. Only one bottle of liquor is allowed from Delhi. The seal of that bottle should be open. If there is a sealed bottle then action will be taken. New Excise Policy of Delhi Government (Delhi Liquor PolicyDue to this, many liquor stores are getting another free on the purchase of one bottle. At the same time, on buying one box in some places, the second box is getting free. Due to this, a large number of people from Noida- Greater Noida and Ghaziabad are also bringing liquor from Delhi. Due to this the excise department is losing revenue. Along with this, the incidents of liquor smuggling have also increased. Police and Excise Department are keeping a close watch on such people.

Noida District Excise Officer Rakesh Kumar said that according to the rules, information is being received that after the new policy of liquor in Delhi, people are bringing bottles in vehicles. Action is being taken by running a continuous checking campaign. If people bring liquor from Delhi and supply it, then there will be a loss of revenue. In such a situation, the department has alerted the employees around the Delhi border. Vehicles are also being searched on suspicion.

smuggling increased due to cheap liquor in delhi
Due to the cheap liquor in Delhi, smuggling has increased a lot, due to which the contractors in the border area are suffering a lot. On Wednesday, State Joint Excise Commissioner Mahendra Singh and District Excise Officer Rakesh Kumar Singh held a meeting with Delhi Deputy Commissioner Excise Anand Tiwari and Pankaj Bhatnagar. It was decided in the meeting that only 9 liters of liquor would be given to a person on contract from Delhi in a day. Action will be taken against those who buy and sell more than this, so the team will be deployed in different areas. Along with this, the Excise team of Delhi will also campaign against those smuggling liquor from the border.

Preparation for making 2 check posts
Ghaziabad District Excise Officer Rakesh Kumar Singh told that now strictness will be done on the border, because smuggling has started increasing due to the cheap liquor in Delhi. If any person is caught with even a full bottle, half bottle and quarter bottle of sealed liquor in Delhi, he will be sent to jail. If the seal of a bottle is opened, then no action will be taken on it.

District Excise Officer Rakesh Singh said that checking is being done regularly by putting a team on the border. Just a few days ago, 2 vehicles were caught. Now 2 check posts will be made at Bhopura border and Transport Nagar border, so that smuggling vehicles can be caught regularly.

One on one bottle free demand
In Delhi, some brands of liquor are being sold free of cost on one bottle. To take advantage of this scheme, people from Ghaziabad, Gautam Budh Nagar and nearby areas are reaching Delhi to get liquor. Because of this, the sale of liquor in Ghaziabad was affected. The District Excise Officer says that due to the cheap liquor in Delhi, the sale of liquor in the district is being affected. Sales can be increased only by stopping smuggling.

The biggest problem on the border contract
The biggest problem is on border contracts. People come from Delhi after buying a bottle. Some people come to Delhi after drinking alcohol. The liquor contractors of the border are incurring huge losses every day.

Action even if caught with airport liquor
Officials say that liquor of all such places on which duty fee of the state has not been paid. If someone is caught bringing it, then there is action to send him to jail. This includes alcohol brought from the airport.

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