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If metabolism is impaired, then the weight will start increasing, Malaika Arora of 48 has given the mantra of fitness, she does these 3 yogasanas every day

MetabolismAll those chemical processes going on continuously inside your body that help in life and normal functioning. It carries out this whole process in two parts. The first catabolism is the breakdown of food components (such as carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fats) into their simpler forms. Second anabolic – that part of the metabolism in which the building or repair work takes place in the body. Anabolism requires energy which ultimately comes from food. When we eat more than we need for daily anabolism, the extra nutrients usually get stored as fat in our body. And many types of diseases start happening including obesity. Therefore, its balance is necessary for a healthy body. Yoga can help you in this.

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora She looks slim and fit even at the age of 48. The reason for this is balanced metabolism, for which she does yoga daily. The video of Malaika doing yoga has been shared by Sarva Yoga Studios. He wrote that we often forget that metabolism is the basis of every function of the body. Better metabolism can help with every physical health goal. Whether losing weight, or managing disorders, metabolism plays an important role and yoga focuses on these fundamentals for health. This post has been shared by Malaika on her Insta account. If you also want to have health like Malaika, then you must do these three yogasanas told by her.

Why is it important to have proper metabolism?

If your body’s metabolism is not balanced then fatigue, high cholesterolProblems like muscle weakness, dry skin, weight gain, swollen joints, heavy periods, depression and slow heart rate may occur.


By doing this asana, there is a stretch in the thighs, shoulders and upper back, which strengthens them. Also improves balance and metabolism. In addition, sciatica and help reduce arthritis does.

How to do

  1. To do this yoga asana, stand in Tadasana.
  2. Press your right foot firmly into the ground and slowly bend your knees.
  3. Raise your left leg to cross over the right leg.
  4. Your left thigh should be on top of your right thigh.
  5. The toes of the left foot should be towards the ground.
  6. Now bring your arms forward while keeping them parallel to the floor.
  7. Cross the right hand over the left hand and place the back of your hands in front of each other.
  8. Gently fold your hands to join the palms in the Namaskar Mudra.
  9. Keep your eyes focused forward and stay in this pose for 5-6 seconds.
  10. Slowly open the hands and bring them to rest on the side of your body.
  11. Bring your left foot back to the ground and return to the starting position.


Trikonasana yoga or triangle pose brings strength, balance and flexibility to the body. This yoga asana helps in improving the metabolism in the body as well as increasing stamina and energy. Along with improved concentration and metabolism, it enhances physical and mental balance. Apart from this, stress, anxiety,back pain or sciatica also reduces.

How to do-

  1. Stand straight and keep your feet apart.
  2. Stand straight with your feet comfortably wide.
  3. While inhaling, raise the right hand upwards.
  4. Exhale and twist the torso from the waist to the left.
  5. While bending, bring your left hand near the left leg.
  6. And slowly, hold the ankle.
  7. Place your right hand overhead, over the shoulder.
  8. Keeping the shoulders aligned, turn the head up and look at the ceiling.
  9. Wait for a few seconds. And after returning to the standing position, repeat on the other side.

Malaika Arora shares the mantra to boost metabolism


Malasana improves balance, concentration and focus. It can also increase circulation and blood flow to the pelvis, which can help regulate sexual energy. It is especially good for pregnant women as it can help with childbirth later. In addition, it also improves digestion.

How to do-

  1. Stand with your legs stretched out in Tadasana.
  2. Bend knees and lower your butt toward the floor to come into a squat.
  3. Bring your upper arms to the inside of your knees and bend the elbows to bring the palms together in Anjali Mudra (prayer position).
  4. Try to bring your hands to the center of your heart with forearms parallel to the floor, allowing the pressure of your elbows to open the knees slightly.
  5. Keep your spine straight, your butt toward the floor, and your shoulders away from your ears.
  6. Stay in this position for five breaths, then straighten the legs and come out. If you want, you can come straight into the forward fold.

Keep in mind, before doing yoga, do a good research about it whether it is right for you or not. If you have any kind of physical problem then definitely consult an expert.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

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