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How Kim Kardashian suddenly became skinny to fit in this Met Gala dress, don’t forget that

Hollywood actress and model Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look has impressed people a lot. The actress was beautifully dressed to pay tribute to actress and fashion icon Marilyn Monroe. During this, his weight loss transformation remained in the headlines. According to the report, she has lost 7.2 kg to fit into the new gown worn by Marilyn Monroe 60 years ago. After losing 7.2 kg in 3 weeks, she fit perfectly into Marilyn’s dress and her look was worth watching.

It is being told that he followed the Met Gala diet for weight loss. There is no doubt that his efforts paid off, but experts are calling such a diet unhealthy. According to him, this diet is not safe and sustainable. So let’s know why Kim Kardashian Met Gala Diet is considered unhealthy.

Image courtesy: Instagram/kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Look After Weight Loss

followed a strict diet

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Diet There was an extreme diet, which he achieved in just 3 weeks. In an interview to a magazine, she told that I used to wear a gold suit twice a day and run on the treadmill. During this time I had made a distance from sugar and carbs, instead consumed vegetables and protein the most. for weight loss I did not starve myself, but was very strict about my diet.

Can’t follow for long

fad diet to lose weight There may be a simple solution, but experts around the world agree that this diet is not sustainable. Rather, it can affect overall health. According to an article published in Digital Daily, Health experts tell that it is not good for the body to lose weight rapidly in such a short time. It can increase the risk of many health problems like gallstones, arthritis, fatigue, constipation, diarrhoea.

Met Gala diet is not rich in nutrients


it Can also increase cortisol levels and stress Is. During this time you will not get the essential nutrients that your body absorbs from food. Thus with this diet Weightloss Journey It is very important to get expert opinion before starting. Because it can negatively affect metabolism in the long run. Not only this, but it can also cause the problem of muscle loss.

Sugar and carbs are very important for the body

Experts say that cutting down on carbs and sugar can help you lose weight, but you will also have to suffer many of its disadvantages later. Actually, Carbohydrate is very important for our body Is. It is the main source of energy for your body. Eliminating carbs from your diet means reducing the amount of insulin produced by the body. Which in turn can cause a change in your metabolism.

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