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‘How good Aurangzeb was’ came to the court and told the Samajwadi Party, when the lawyer of the Hindu side challenged


New Delhi: Gyanvapi case (Gyanvapi CaseHow the hearing progresses and what will be the decision on it will be a matter to be seen. At the same time, their arguments are being presented from both the sides regarding this. While the matter is in court, political parties, historians also have different opinions. Samajwadi Party (Samajwadi Party) during a debate on a private channel on the Gyanvapi issue.Samajwadi Party) spokesperson Ashutosh Verma, citing some books, said that Aurangzeb destroyed temples but there was never any religious reason behind them. At the same time, provided security to more temples than that. On this matter, the lawyer for the Hindu side Vishnu Jain (Advocate Vishnu Jain) said that Ashutosh Verma and his party should come to the court and say the same thing and file an affidavit.

If the present government is trying to correct the mistakes of history, then why is it on target. After all, what’s wrong with that? In response to this question, Samajwadi Party spokesperson Ashutosh Verma said that history cannot be changed. History is to be understood. One has to understand how history is propagated. He cited some books to say that Aurangzeb destroyed temples but there was never any religious reason behind them. At the same time, provided security to more temples than that.

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In response to the question, what is Gyanvapi, temple or mosque, Ashutosh Verma said that if this matter is in the court, then Samajwadi Party, Bharatiya Janata Party is not going to decide it. If the dispute is in the court, then he will decide. In this debate, instead of Hindu-Muslim, there should be talk on the judicial side. We should not impose our stand.

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Aurangzeb got so many temples built but Gyanvapi is on the target of you people. How will you prove that the 1991 Act is not applicable to Gyanvapi? Hindu side’s lawyer Vishnu Jain said that we did not read any history that Aurangzeb got temples built. I read that history that janeu was burnt, jizya was imposed.

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Read the history of how Aurangzeb destroyed Hindu temples. Vishnu Jain said that in Section 4 of the Places of Worship Act, it is a matter that it is very important to decide the religious nature of the place. Whatever is the property of the deity will remain. The testimony of 15 people is that this is not a Waqf property.

Everyone knows what the court said in the Din Mohammad case in 1937. Vishnu Jain, while reading the paragraph of that case, said that the court has said that the place is not a waqf property. Vishnu Jain told the SP spokesperson that whatever he is saying here, he should come and say the same thing in the court. Give an affidavit on how good Aurangzeb was.

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