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Hidden camera how to find and secure yourself know spy camera tips – News

How to Track Hidden Camera: You must have heard many cases of making objectionable videos by hidden camera in the changing room of a hotel, mall or showroom or in an unknown place. Recently, one such incident has come to light in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Here a doctor’s son had set up a hidden camera in the girls’ hostel bathroom. This hidden camera was hidden in the shower, so that no one can suspect or see. After reading such news, you must also have a fear that when we go out for a walk, how to keep ourselves safe and protect us from such cases. Today we will tell you some such tricks by which you can easily find out whether there is a hidden camera or not.

keep these things in mind

Anti-social elements usually choose places to hide spy cameras where people cannot think or suspect. Experts say that the places you should look carefully outside the house are smoke detectors, air filter equipment, books, anything adorned on the wall. There are more chances of having a hidden camera in them. Apart from this, the hidden camera can also be hidden in the desk plant, tissue box, digital TV box, wall clock, or any screen. Cyber ​​experts say that the biggest threat to spy cameras is in bathroom showers, house ceilings, door holes and desk plants. In such a situation, if you have gone out of the house to visit somewhere and are staying in a hotel or hostel, then definitely check these places.

know this way

Now we are telling you the ways in which you can detect these hidden cameras.

1. Where there is doubt, make it dark

Such cameras have green or red LED lights. These lights keep on flashing. In such a situation, to track them, where in doubt, you should make it completely dark or light completely light. You will see the lights in the camera flashing in the dark.

2 mobile will also prove to be effective

If you want to detect spy camera then mobile can also help you a lot. Radio frequencies keep coming out from inside spy cameras
so you can easily locate them. All you have to do is dial any number where the camera is suspected to be installed. If there is a camera, then there will be a problem in the call due to radio frequency. The sound will start cutting again and again.

3. You can also take help of the app

You can also take the help of some apps to find the spy camera. On the Play Store, you will find many such free apps that help in finding spy cameras. If you do not know the name of the app, then by going to the Play Store, you just have to type Detect Hidden Camera. After this many apps will come in front of you, install the app which has been downloaded the most. After this, find the hidden camera by completing the process of the app.

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