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Have the parties come out in protest against the country while protesting Modi, are they not going to cross the border?


Vineet Tripathi, New Delhi: The history of opposition to governments in a democracy is very old. In fact, constructive criticism only strengthens the roots of democracy. That is why it is said that real democracy is where there is a strong opposition. When India got independence in 1947 after a long battle for decades, there were hopes on one side and many apprehensions on the other. Western countries used to think that even if India becomes independent, democracy here will not last long. The reason behind his thinking was the diversity here, people divided on all castes, religions, creeds here. But after this this became the strength of India and India also became the largest democratic country in the world. Today the reason behind writing all this is whether parties and people have come out in protest against Modi while protesting.

Demand for Modi’s resignation on social media
It will be around 10 in the morning. Twitter scours have become like oxygen traffic. Seeing the trend of #ModiMustResign on Twitter as per daily routine. There are many such issues going on in the country, so we thought that either Nupur Sharma will have a controversial case or Rahul Gandhi is being produced before the ED in the National Herald case, due to which the Congress is protesting across the country, perhaps due to this trend. Would have been This is not a bad thing, often the opposition demands resignation, so it did not cause any pain. When I checked Twitter again late in the evening, it was found that around 85 thousand tweets have been done from this hashtag. If it is trending in the top, then there was a curiosity to go inside and investigate it. At the time when this trend was investigated by going inside, it was seen that today the voice of protest against Modi has reached to the country’s protest.

understand the matter first
We first explain the whole matter to you, after that we explain how leaders are trying to oppose their own country under the guise of opposition. It is not surprising to think that what people from all over the world would think after seeing such a picture of India on Twitter. The map of India is also being tampered with. It should be understood that this country is only a part of BJP and PM Modi. This country is made of 130 crore countrymen. The matter is related to the neighboring country Sri Lanka. Three days ago, the chairman of Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) made a statement before a parliamentary committee that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had “pressurised” President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to get the Adani Group a power project in the neighboring country.

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President gave clarification
However, a day later, seeing the controversy erupting, the CEB chairman withdrew the statement on Sunday. Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has also denied these allegations. On this matter, now the spokesperson of Adani company has issued a statement saying, ‘Our intention to invest in Sri Lanka is to try to meet the needs of the neighboring country. As a responsible company, we see this as an important part of the partnership between the two countries. The company said that we are disappointed with the way this issue has been discussed. The truth is that the Sri Lankan government has already clarified this issue.

See for yourself what kind of pictures are being posted
This is the issue on which the trend of PM Modi’s resignation is being run as the basis. Here we do not mean Sri Lanka, nor Gautam Adani, nor any government. But here we mean Hindustan. The opposition has a very important role in a democracy. But it is being seen here for some time that when the anti-Modi becomes a protest against the country, it is not known. Till earlier the opposition used to say that anti-Modi is being called anti-national, but you see yourself by going on social media and decide whether it is really anti-Modi or anti-national.

Then CM Modi and State Home Minister Shah used to go quietly for questioning, why so much ruckus for Rahul today?
Every countryman loves his country
Here we understand that every person in the world must be in love with his country. There is always respect and love in the heart of every person for his country. But how can one post a dismembered picture of the map of one’s own country. While posting the picture, does their conscience go to waste that you too will be the people of any state who cut the map. And as soon as the country was divided, you were also broken. This is not a single case. There are hundreds of cases inside the country. Where opposition to the government becomes anti-national. We don’t go very far, just look at Nupur Sharma’s case.

Nupur Sharma case
Nupur Sharma gave wrong statement, he has no right to comment about any religion. But Nupur Sharma is not bigger than India. When the Islamic country Qatar opposed his statement, the people of India started rejoicing over Qatar’s statement. One section felt as if they did not know what they had won. Whereas when it comes to your country, you should become the support of your country only when a million is wrong. In that situation, of course, where the wrongdoer has been punished. Nupur Sharma was expelled from the party but the people’s protest did not stop. Along with Qatar, countries like Bahrain, Pakistan, UAE, Oman and Taliban started sharing knowledge on fundamentalism to India. But the people who protested forgot that it was not only the defamation of the Modi government but also the defamation of India and in the same India those people who oppose also live.

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Galvan Valley case of clash with China
We’ll take you a little bit earlier. Today is June 15th. On 15 June 2020, there was a skirmish between the Indian and Chinese army at Petrol Point 14 of Galwan Valley. 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in this clash. Colonel Santosh Babu was also involved in this. Since then the tension between the two countries has increased a lot. China also suffered a lot in this clash. However, official figures were not released by China. But the country’s opposition did not admit that China has also suffered. The opposition said that China has occupied our border. Rahul Gandhi has said this many times. But they forgot that the opposition to the government is right but not the army.

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Evidence sought after air strike
When the matter has come this far, then listen completely. You may not remember the date of 26 February 2019, every soldier standing in the border of the country will remember. This was the date when the Indian Air Force did an air strike to avenge the Pulwama attack. The Indian Army had destroyed the terrorist camps by entering the neighboring country of Pakistan. But alas, Pakistan was terrified of this and the bodies of terrorists were being hidden but evidence was being sought inside India. Many opposition parties including Congress, Trinamool Congress, CPM had asked for evidence, questioning the air strike. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was also asking for proof of surgical strike. Just imagine, how would this question be for those soldiers who entered Pakistan with their lives on their palms and even came after killing them. What would it have been like when he heard that people were asking for proof of his bravery.

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role of opposition in politics
The last point is that whenever opposition is discussed in politics, Ram Manohar Lohia is always mentioned. JP was using partyless democracy and ‘Sarvodaya’ since 1953 by retiring from active politics. In such a situation, it was Lohia who taught Indian democracy the lesson of what the opposition is and what it should do. With his efforts, he forced the Congress, which ruled the united kingdom after independence, to drink water just before his death i.e. till 1967. But his opposition was opposed to the Congress and not to India. He never gave up on his values ​​and principles. It is very necessary to protest or else these governments will become autocratic. Will bring dictatorship in the country but remember that if this protest is not anti-national…

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