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Google’s Gmailify feature will improve your email experience, know how it works? – News

New Delhi. Gmail is the most commonly used email client today, but it is not the only email client. Apart from this, there are other options like Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Live, which people use every day. Gmail is the default email app for Android. It also provides better integration and services like spam management, security, tab management, etc.

Apart from this, the Gmail app on Android also gives users the option of using other email clients like Yahoo and Outlook and tries to make it more user friendly. In this crme, Google has introduced the Gmailify feature for the app, so let us tell you what is this feature and how does it improve the use of other email services?

What is Gmailify?
Gmailify is a way for other email clients to bring the Gmail feature to Google and use it. It gives users the option to Gmailify when another email address is linked to Gmail in the Android app or on the web. Once email addresses are Gmailified, it replaces Google email addresses with spam security, inbox organization, and other Gmail features without changing them. And allows the use of all features of Gmail in a non-Gmail account. It is somewhat like porting a phone number to another network.

How does one make email services better?
Let us tell you that Gmail is the most used email client and it allows other email service users to access and use the features of Gmail. However, Gmail has the advantage of Google, which gives it the facility of spam security, advanced search and better mobile notifications. Apart from this, Google also gives Gmail the features of automatic email sorting based on social, updates and promotions. As we know that today most of the people have a Gmail account. In such a situation, with the help of Gmailify, they can convert the old email account to a Gmail-like interface. This will make things a lot easier for them. Note that the Gmailify feature is only available for Yahoo and Outlook email accounts.

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