Girls started getting pregnant after school closed due to Corona, the concern of this country increased


Harare. Countries around the world have imposed many restrictions after the increasing cases of Coronavirus and Omicron Variant. People are being asked to work from home as far as possible. Schools and colleges are closed. However, due to the closure of schools in the Corona epidemic, a new problem has arisen for the Zimbabwean government. In fact, in recent times, the cases of school girls being pregnant in this country have increased rapidly.

According to a Reuters report, during the Corona period in Zimbabwe, girls are getting pregnant and leaving school at the age of 12-13. The government and workers have also taken many steps for this, but no improvement is being seen in it.

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Zimbabwe and other southern African countries have seen a significant increase in pregnancies of underage girls during the Covid pandemic. Virginia is also one of those girls. Zimbabwe has long struggled with pregnancies of underage girls and child marriages.

Even before the outbreak of Kovid, one out of every three girls in the country was married before the age of 18. There are many reasons for this, such as- girls becoming pregnant, lack of strict law regarding child marriage, poverty, cultural and religious practices. The Covid pandemic has made this situation worse.

In this country with a population of 1.5 crore, a strict lockdown was imposed in March 2020 and relaxation was given in between. The girls were badly affected due to the lockdown. They were not given contraceptive pills and hospital facilities. Activists and officials say many girls have been victims of sexual abuse or have taken to marriage and pregnancy as a way out of poverty.

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In view of the increasing pregnancies of underage girls in the country, the Zimbabwean government changed its law in August 2020 to allow pregnant girls to attend school. Activists and officials appreciated the move and saw it as a hope. But, this new policy has been a complete failure. Pregnant girls are not coming back to school despite changes in the law. Girls are unable to go to school again due to various reasons like lack of money, social practices, being harassed in class.

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