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‘Feels Like Home’ Review: This series of Lionsgate Play is adorned with every color of friendship

Feels Like Home has all kinds of characters, some are straight, some are angry, some are stupid and some are clever, but a true friend is always there to play their friendship in any situation, so does Humor, Drama and Entertainment Director Sahir Raza has brought a story of friendship with K Doz

Everyone leaves together, but a true friend is always there to maintain their friendship, and with such a dose of humour, drama and entertainment, director Sahir Raza has come up with a story of friendship. Four friends, four different stories but in difficult times it becomes one.

There are all kinds of characters in Feels Like Home, some are straight, some are angry, some are stupid and some are clever, but after all, everyone’s heart is clean. The story begins with party planning, for which Avinash Arora (Vishnu Kaushal) and Lakshya (Preet Kamani) give a room in the Banchordas bungalow (where they live) to Akhil Gandhi (Mihir Ahuja), who has already been Sameer (Anshuman Malhotra) has already been hired. Sameer is not happy with this, but Avinash and Lakshya’s happiness knows no bounds and the reason for this is the party that happens on the same night.

The party begins with many boys and girls like him, but the twist comes when Avinash’s girlfriend Mahima (Inayat Sood) decides to leave him. Avinash makes every effort to persuade her, but things don’t work out, but an occasion comes when Mahima falls in love with Avinash’s best friend Lakshya. On the other hand Sameer wants to come out of his name and make a separate identity for himself, whereas Gandhi, who has come from abroad, wants to become a big cricketer.

Now with the fun and lots of drama in the series, it is going to be very interesting for everyone to see how Avinash reacts to Mahima and Lakshya’s affair. Will the friendship of both of them remain after knowing the truth? Can Sameer move ahead towards fulfilling his dreams? And finally, can Gandhi make his place in the cricket team despite being a week? Now you have to know the answers to all these questions yourself and that too while enjoying this series of only 6 episodes.

The story of the series is good, the acting by all the actors also impresses. Whereas, in the matter of direction, Sahir Raza has also left his mark. In such a situation, if you are planning to watch Feels Like Home, then do not think because your choice is absolutely right.

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