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Facts don’t change by diverting attention… Counting three parameters, Rahul Gandhi claimed – India’s situation is the same as Sri Lanka


New Delhi: former president of congress Rahul Gandhi It claims that in some ways India’s position is also similar to Sri Lanka. He took three scales of comparison of conditions in India and Sri Lanka and told through the graph that both the countries look alike on these scales. Sharing this graph on social media site Twitter, Rahul wrote, ‘Facts will not change by diverting people’s attention. India looks very much like Sri Lanka. On the other hand, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi and party spokesperson Supriya Shrinet also Dearness The central government has been put in the dock on the issue of He said that the common man is relieved of the rising inflation due to the economic policies of the Modi government at the Centre.

Know the basis of Rahul’s claim

In the graph shared by the Congress MP from Wayanad in Kerala in his tweet, three scales of comparison of India-Sri Lanka have been taken. One of them is unemployment, second petrol prices and third communal violence. Shares by Rahul Gandhi In this graph, it has been told below that on the basis of which these graphs were prepared. Armed Conflict Location and Incident Data Project (ACLED), Lok Sabha Unstarred Question, CMIE, Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell, Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Cypetco (CYPETCO) have been cited as sources.

What is Rahul Gandhi doing by showing the graph, know

According to the graph of Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, the position of India and Sri Lanka on the unemployment scale between the last five years 2017 to 2021 has been exactly the same. Both countries had the highest level in 2020 compared to the year 2017, while in the next year 2021, both countries have been successful in reducing unemployment. At the same time, in the matter of petrol price, India and Sri Lanka are going through almost equal situation, if not completely.

As far as communal violence is concerned, there was a huge reduction in communal violence in India in 2019 but in the next year 2020 this figure reached a record. On the other hand, there was a lot of communal violence in Sri Lanka in 2019, while in the next year 2020, there was a sharp decline in these incidents, but in the next year 2021 it broke the record. Overall, the graph of communal violence in India and Sri Lanka is going up.

Earnings ate inflation:’s special series on inflation meter
Priyanka Gandhi also raised the issue of inflation

On the other hand, Congress General Secretary and Rahul Gandhi’s sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra targeted the government over inflation. He tweeted and said, ‘The hard earned money made by adding your pie-pie is hit by inflation. There is not a single economic policy of the BJP government so that the income of the middle class, poor section can be increased and expenditure is less. The people of the middle class and poor section are afraid that they may not have to take loans to meet their daily expenses.


Priyanka Gandhi’s tweet on inflation.

Congress spokesperson attacked Modi government
At the same time, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinet claimed that the government is not crawling on the ears of the government regarding inflation. “We believe that it is becoming difficult for common people to survive and this government should increase consumption by putting money in people’s pockets without wasting any time,” he told reporters. Excise duty should be cut to check inflation. He said that taking these steps will have an impact on inflation.

Rahul Gandhi is always an attacker against the Center
However, Rahul Gandhi keeps accusing the Narendra Modi government at the Center of promoting unemployment, inflation, communalism. Prime Minister Narendra Modi remains on his special target. When Rahul Gandhi called the current government a suit-boot ki sarkar and sometimes Ambani-Adani ki sarkar, he gave a slogan like chowkidar hi chor hai for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is a different matter that Rahul Gandhi’s allegations have a very limited impact on the public as the election results keep telling. However, Rahul Gandhi does not miss a day to slam the central government on Twitter.

Will Rahul Gandhi answer these questions?

As far as India’s claim of having a Sri Lanka-like situation is concerned, Rahul Gandhi should tell whether India is also going to face an economic crisis like Sri Lanka? Is the foreign exchange reserves going to be empty here and is there going to be a civil war-like situation here too? If yes then for how long? Rahul Gandhi should also tell whether India’s fate is going to be similar to that of Sri Lanka if the graphs of unemployment, petrol price and communal violence are similar.

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