Explainer: Two planes coming to India avoided colliding in the air, know from whom the pilot gets instructions on the runway


New Delhi
Dubai Flight Collision: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has asked the UAE’s aviation regulator to share the investigation report into the January 9 incident in which two Emirates Airlines flying passenger planes coming to India collided at the Dubai airport. Was. In the said incident, both the aircraft had come to the same runway while taking off from the airport.

The flight from Dubai to Hyderabad was about to take off from the runway. At the same time the pilot saw an aircraft coming at high speed in the same direction. The second plane was about to take off for Bangalore. The Air Traffic Control informed the pilots of both the aircraft in time.

After this the Bengaluru-bound aircraft took off and the Hyderabad-bound aircraft was parked on the side. The Air Accident Investigation Sector, the aviation investigation body of the United Arab Emirates, has started an investigation, calling it a serious matter.

the responsibility of showing the way to the aircraft

The Air Traffic Controller, also known as ATC, is responsible for showing the way to an aircraft at the time of landing or taking off. The job of the Air Traffic Controller is also to show the way to the aircraft in the sky. They keep an eye on the sky traffic through radar and through the windows of the tower and if they sense any disturbance in an aircraft, they immediately notify the pilot as well as other security teams. The job of an air traffic controller is very responsible. Air traffic controller is also called air traffic controller. They make the air traffic control system operate faster and maintain a safe and orderly flow of air traffic.

Functioning of ATC
ATC also has the vital responsibility of voice radio communication between the pilot and airport staff. It is also the ATC’s job to transfer control of the flight taking off from the airport to the traffic control centers and to accept their control when the flight arrives at the airport. Air traffic controllers keep pilots up to date with new information, such as weather updates, runway closures, and any other important information that could affect the flight’s safe take-off or landing. They also alert airport response staff to aircraft emergencies.

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