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Exclusive Interview: Will see, Congress will return from Udaipur in a new way, will make a great comeback like 2004: Sachin Pilot


Congress’s three-day Chintan Shivir is starting from today in Udaipur, Rajasthan. When the party is going through the worst phase ever, many new and old leaders have left the party, there are reports of mutual differences, the party has many expectations from this three-day camp. What will be the party’s roadmap? Can Congress become the axis of the opposition? On what issues will the party fight the BJP? Will the party be able to save its power in Rajasthan? NBT on all these questions Narendra Nath Senior Congress leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot talked to. Here are the highlights of the conversation:

Udaipur Contemplation Camp What do you expect from the Congress party?
Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir is a camp fulfilling the expectations of not only Congress but the entire country and common people. At a time when the whole country is troubled by the policies of BJP, inflation has become the biggest crisis in the lives of common people, youth are not getting employment, petrol and cooking cylinders are getting away from the purview of common people. In the midst of all this, BJP is sprinkling salt on the wounds of the people by saying that these are good days. Whatever the development parameter, India is lagging behind. In such a situation, this three-day camp of Congress is being held. In this, the Congress will prepare itself for how to get the common people out of these problems. The direction of change in the organization will be decided in these three days. The roadmap for the next two years will be decided. There will be a communication of enthusiasm among the grassroot workers of the party. You will see with what clarity the party progresses after three days, the voice of the common people is formed. This camp will become a landmark.

What happened in the train between Rahul Gandhi and porters going to attend Chintan Shivir, watch video
But the situation is very opposite. Many new and old leaders have left the party. There is a dilemma regarding leadership…
Everyone has good days and bad days. There is no use in talking to those who have gone. Now we have to move on. Workers from all over the country have been invited to this camp. Separate committees have been formed to discuss each issue. Everyone will be heard. This feedback will be discussed in detail in the working committee. After that all the decisions will be made. In such difficult times, appropriate decisions will be taken to fulfill what the country expects from the Congress. Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka are all talking continuously. In the next few days, the picture of all the changes will become clear and all the questions will be answered.

There is no sign of opposition unity. What is its way?
Work is going on for opposition unity. Its picture will also be clear. Congress is in touch with all those parties which are against the policies of the BJP government at the Center and want to remove it from the throne. The old allies of the BJP itself, such as the Shiv Sena and the Akali Dal, have parted ways with those who were together for years. Together with all the parties, UPA Plus will be formed. Like 2004, in 2024, this new UPA will come as an option before the people of the country. Congress will become the pivot of this opposition unity. On this also many types of clarity will come in Udaipur.

3 days and many questions in front… Something new or the same old story in Congress’s Chintan Shivir
But will all regional parties accept the leadership of the Congress as it did in 2004?
If there can be any alternative to BJP at the national level, then it is Congress. All the regional parties have their own important role but they have their limits somewhere. If there is any one party in every state in the whole country, then it is Congress. In such a situation, it is not possible to talk about the axis of the opposition without the Congress. The Congress will take everyone along as before and all the parties will accept it in the interest of the country and the common people.

There are many discussions about your role within the party. What responsibility will you get?
There is never a matter of personal interest in politics. Now Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that Congress has given a lot to many leaders, now it is the turn of the party to meet them. All of us together have to make the party strong now. I am ready to take whatever responsibility the party gives me for this. But my personal desire is definitely that I strengthen the party in Rajasthan so that it can return to power again in the next year’s assembly elections.

Sonia Gandhi is demanding to return which loan from Congress leaders?
If we talk about Rajasthan, Congress did not get a single seat in the last two Lok Sabha elections there. There the state government also changes every five years. There are so many challenges…
Will face challenges and change every myth. If the government and organizations start working together from now on, then there is no reason why we should not form the government again. If we win the assembly elections next year, then in the 2024 general elections also we will do much better than the last two elections.

There have been some communal incidents in Rajasthan in recent times. Where did the government go wrong?
Such violent incidents are not common in a peace loving state like Rajasthan. Such incidents lead to animosity. It would be my humble request that the government-administration should take such strict action against the people involved in this without looking at the caste-religion considerations that this becomes an example in the future and then no one dares to do such an act.

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