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Ethereum’s update will be trialled on the Ropsten Testnet – News

The update to Ethereum, one of the major blockchains, is being prepared to be tested on the Ropsten Beacon Chain testnet. It is one of the longest running Proof-of-Work (PoW) testnets. It is considered to be almost identical to the Ethereum network and is capable of acting like the features of the ETH mainnet. For this reason it is better suited for testing Ethereum’s upgraded PoS network. The new Ethereum network is being called ‘Merge’. This will significantly reduce the carbon emissions of Ethereum.

The developers of Ethereum have blog post “Client teams are ready to run Ropsten through Merge. To prepare for this, the Ropsten Beacon Chain has been launched to provide consensus to the network,” it said in a statement. Tim Beiko, one of the developers of Merge, told via tweet that this test could happen next week. The Merge is likely to launch in the next few months. Before this, two more testnets will be run through Ethereum 2.0. This will ensure that the transactions are completed correctly.

With this upgrade, up to 99 percent of Ethereum’s electricity consumption occur are supposed to. Ethereum miners have to use large server farms to order transactions on the blockchain, resulting in higher electricity consumption and increased carbon emissions. One estimate stated that the electricity usage of one Ethereum transaction is equivalent to 1,40,893 Visa credit card transactions. After this upgrade, orders for Ethereum transactions will be placed from stakers. This system is called Proof of Stake.

There was a shortage of electricity in some countries due to crypto activities. To tackle this problem, China banned crypto mining last year. In some other countries, there is opposition to crypto mining for the same reason. Last year in Texas, USA, electricity supply was interrupted due to bitcoin mining. There were also protests by the residents of Texas regarding this. Iran also recently imposed a temporary ban on bitcoin mining due to the impact on the supply of electricity.

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