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Electric Vehicle Fire: Why is there a fire in electric vehicles, know the methods of prevention from experts

New Delhi. Electric vehicles are being considered as a better option towards increasing petrol diesel prices and reducing environmental pollution. This is the reason why people’s trend towards EV has increased. Not only this, the central and state governments are also encouraging people to buy electric vehicles instead of conventional vehicles. According to experts, EVs are the better traffic option of the coming times. However, for the last few days, incidents of fire in electric vehicles are being seen quite a lot. In view of these incidents, recently the Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari asked the electric companies to take immediate steps to fix the vehicles. Security is the most important thing for the government and there can be no compromise with human life.

In the last few days, electric vehicles suddenly caught fire in many states including Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan. After the frequent occurrence of such incidents, there is a kind of fear and apprehension among the people about buying EVs. However, the biggest question is still why electric vehicles are on fire? EVs have been in the market for a long time but what could be the reason behind the recent increase in fire incidents? Are EVs not good in terms of safety?

That’s why there is fire in electric vehicles
According to experts, continuous studies and research are going on regarding electric vehicles. Efforts are on to find out what is the exact reason behind the fire. So far, no clear answer has been given by any EV manufacturer in this regard, but according to experts related to the automobile industry and electric energy sector, there may be some reasons for the fire in EVs.
, The battery and its cell quality can be responsible for the possible causes of fire in EV.
, Battery Management System (BMS) not working properly or malfunctioning can also be a reason.
, The shortcomings can be attributed to poor ventilation and usage patterns.
, A short circuit while charging the EV can also cause fire.
, Heavy lithium ion batteries are used in these vehicles, which are prone to fire due to damage or any other deficiency.
, Manufacturing defect of EV is also responsible for fire.

Maintenance of EV in this way, so that it does not catch fire
Council on Energy, Environment and Water-Center for Energy Finance (CEEW-CEF), program lead, Rishabh Jain says that if some technical things are taken care of, then electric vehicles can be saved from fire.

, EV users should follow the charging instructions recommended by the original manufacturer (OEM) of the equipment.
, EV users should not use poor or low quality equipment.
, If possible, users should monitor battery health through an app or vehicle dashboard.
, Even though fast charging saves time, but as far as possible users should give priority to slow charging, because it increases the life of the battery.

Apart from this, if some simple things are taken care of, then not only the electrical vehicle but any other vehicle can be kept safe. For example, never keep the battery in strong sunlight. When the vehicle is fully charged, remove its plug. Do not use a hot vehicle to charge it immediately. Leave it for some time then charge it. Always use good equipment whether it is charger, or sitting.

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