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Edible Oil: Edible oil has become cheap, check immediately what is the price of 1 liter? – News

Edible Oil Price Update: After a week of trading, there has been a fall in the prices of edible oil. Edible oil has become cheaper in the domestic market. Oil prices have declined across the country due to the costlier prices of Soyabean Degum, CPO and Palmolein imported from abroad.

Mustard oil is being used more
Apart from this, mustard is being used to meet the shortage of imported oils, due to which the prices of mustard and groundnut oil-oilseed and cottonseed oil have firmed up.

Global market boom
Traders said that the markets abroad have not broken and the prices of edible oil there remain strong. There is also a loss in the import of oils like palmolein and soybean degum. One, the prices of these oils are expensive, secondly, the prices of these oils are going down in the local market as compared to imports.

Mustard is being used to make refined
Sources said that due to the cost of imported oils, there is a lot of pressure on mustard and in many states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, the shortage of imported oils is being met by making refined mustard. This refined mustard is also being used for ‘blending’ into other oils.

decreasing arrival of mustard
The arrival of mustard in the mandis has also started decreasing and it has come down to about 3.5 lakh bags from around 5-5.5 lakh bags in the beginning of June last year. This situation is not good for mustard and after the increase in demand in the rainy season, the problem of mustard can be seen. The demand for almost all edible oils starts increasing during the rainy days, the government will have to pay attention to this.

Mustard consumption is 3 times more
Regarding the pressure on mustard, the sources said that on one hand adulteration in mustard is stopped, on the other hand, arrivals are decreasing in the mandis, refined mustard oil is also being used for ‘blending’. He said that this time the consumption of mustard is almost three times more than last year.

How much was the price?
Sources said that the price of mustard seeds improved by Rs 25 to Rs 7,440-7,490 per quintal last week as compared to last week. Mustard Dadri oil improved by Rs 250 to close at Rs 15,100 a quintal in the weekend under review. On the other hand, mustard, Pakki Ghani and Kachchi Ghani oil prices also improved by Rs 35-30 respectively to Rs 2,370-2,450 and Rs 2,410-2,515 per tin (15 kg) respectively.

What are the latest rates?
Sources said that in the week under review, the wholesale prices of soybean grain and soya bean loose fell by Rs 50 each to Rs 6,750-6,850 and Rs 6,450-6,550 per quintal, respectively, due to impact on demand for diesel cake of soybean. .

Check Soybani Price
In line with the general trend of decline, soybean oil prices closed with losses in the reporting week. The wholesale price of Soyabean Delhi declined by Rs 200 to Rs 16,200, Soyabean Indore declined by Rs 50 to Rs 15,700 and Soyabean Digum declined by Rs 90 to Rs 14,710 per quintal.

What was the price of groundnut oil?
Groundnut grain improved by Rs 55 to Rs 6,765-6,900, groundnut oil Gujarat closed at Rs 16,020 per quintal, improving by Rs 20. Groundnut Solvent Refined also improved by Rs 5 to close at Rs 2,675-2,865 per tin.

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