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‘Don’t hit your ax on your feet…’, listen to the appeal of an ex-serviceman who has been in the army for 37 years


Agnipath Scheme Protests: Protests are going on against the new Agnipath scheme for the recruitment of soldiers. In many cities of the country, miscreants have burnt trains. Railway stations have been vandalized and looted with sticks. Buses and public properties have been handed over. Well-known defense expert Major General (Retd) GD Bakshi has given his opinion regarding this. He has appealed to the youth who are becoming part of the riots. He says that this method of protest is absolutely wrong. The meaning of army is discipline. Those who are burning trains and buses, they should not even think about serving in the army. They should not ax their feet by engaging in such anti-national activities. If a case is registered against him in all this, then he will not be able to enlist in the army anyway if it is detected in the police verification. GD Bakshi had come on Friday to participate in a discussion on the same topic in our associate news channel ‘Times Now Navbharat’.

GD Bakshi said that he has been in the army for 37 years. Being an ex-serviceman, he wants to tell that the army is a place of disciplined people. Discipline is paramount in the army. If you are told that you have to destroy the enemy’s cannon at an altitude of 18 thousand feet, then you have to destroy it. There is no question and answer back and forth in it. There is no need for rioters in the army.

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What’s the appeal to the youth?
The defense expert said, ‘I have an appeal to the children… We understand that you are worried about your job. But once your name comes in the list of police in such proceedings, then your dream of joining the Armed Forces will remain a dream. Overall, your military dream has been destroyed.

Bakshi said that there is an appeal of an old soldier that whatever grievances are there, they can be resolved in many more positive ways. If you want to burn trains and buses and kill people, then they are looking at the wrong profession. Bakshi said, ‘Don’t hit your ax at your feet. This is the train of your country. This is your country bus. This is not a way to protest.

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Will the solution be found by burning the trains?
The defense expert admitted that being an ex-serviceman, he and many like him have concerns about the scheme. But, is his way that I just burn? From the point of view of a soldier, this nonsense cannot be accepted at all.

Bakshi said that he has spoken to his comrades who are currently serving in the army. Ideas have been put before them. The way can be found. This work can also be done like a patriotic and disciplined citizen. But, what is the way that we will burn a train in its name. Your sister, daughter and mother can also be on the train. If you want to join the army by doing this, then you should completely forget. Glad to see that so many young people are willing to join the army. But, if the name comes in any such act, even after selection, you will not be able to join the army. The remaining problems can be solved.

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