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Dogs will drive players away from the field, will such officers win us Olympic medals?


New Delhi: Indian contingent won 7 medals in the 2020 Olympic Games. One Gold, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze. The condition of sports infrastructure in India is not hidden from anyone. From the local level to the top level, there are problems related to training, selection and infra. Even if these problems go away, some officers like IAS Sanjeev Khirwar come. The attitude of such officers seems to have passed from the officers of the British Raj too. How? Consider the next four lines. IAS Sanjeev Khirwar is posted as Principal Secretary (Revenue) of Delhi. The Thyagraj Stadium Complex is under the Delhi government itself. The Indian Express reports that Khirwar has been occupying the stadium in the early evening for the past few months. From there the athletes and their coaches are banished. Why? So that Officer Babu can walk his dog. Yes, you may be surprised to read this, but this is the truth. If the training of players who practice for a long time goes to hell, it is more important to walk the dog of an officer to get the IAS stamp. Due to such officials, the condition of India is pathetic in other sports except cricket.

Officials use the stadium, the administrator does not know
According to media reports, the coach told that earlier we used to train here from 8 to 8:30. But, now they are asked to leave the stadium at 7 pm so that the officials can walk the dog there. Because of this our training and practice routine is getting affected. According to media reports, it was seen at 6:30 pm on three days in about 7 days that the guards are evacuating the ground by whistling. The stadium’s administrator, Ajit Choudhary, said the official timing of the game is 4 to 6 pm, but “in view of the heat” they allow athletes to train till 7 pm. It is not known whether any government officials are using the stadium after 7 pm. The stadium has to be closed by 7 pm. Government office hours can be checked anywhere.

Opposition leaders taunt
Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor wrote on Twitter, “Respected Lieutenant Governor, Chief Minister – this is a very serious matter of a senior officer misusing his administrative power to reserve a sports stadium for daily walks with his dog. Please get the inquiry done and suspend the officer.

BJP said, suspend the officer

Now the stadium will remain open till 10 pm
On this news, journalists, social workers and leaders of opposition parties started besieging the Delhi government. Leaders of opposition parties also demanded action against the Delhi government official. Meanwhile, in the morning, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia wrote on Twitter that news reports suggest that some sports facilities are being closed early. This is causing inconvenience to the players in playing till late at night. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has directed that all sports facilities of the Delhi government should remain open for the players till 10 pm.

It came to my notice that the players are facing problems due to the heat and the stadium closes at 6-7 pm. We are issuing instructions that all sports facilities should remain till 10 pm and players can use them.

Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi

What did the IAS officer say?
Sanjeev Khirwar’s statement has come in another media report. He said that I would never ask an athlete to leave the stadium. I go after the stadium closes. We don’t leave him (Dog) on ​​the track. We leave when no one is around, but never at the expense of an athlete. If there’s something objectionable in it, I’ll stop it.

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