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Do you know about ‘Walking Car’? Hyundai working to make it a reality – News

When it comes to cars, the first thing that comes to mind is the picture of a vehicle swaying on the roads. But have you heard of ‘walking car’? It is a fantasy at the moment, but car maker Hyundai is working hard to make it a reality. A walking car is to be understood in a straight and simple way, then a vehicle that will run in those places where the vehicle cannot even imagine reaching it. For example- on rough mountains, on stairs and in every difficult place. A car that is ideal for the handicapped and to reach a place in an emergency where a normal vehicle cannot reach.

To make ‘Walking Car’ a reality, Hyundai has opened New Horizon Studio in Montana, USA. mail online Report According to this, through this studio, preparations are being made to present such vehicles, which will be for future customers. Vehicles that will be able to reach places where a normal vehicle cannot. ‘Walking Car’ is its first episode.

Hyundai has just walking car It is shown that it can be such a vehicle of the future, which will have tyres, but they will be mounted on the legs of the vehicle. With this, it will be able to walk in every difficult place. The South Korean company presented the design of this UMV for the first time at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show.

The car that Hyundai is trying to make a reality looks like an all-terrain armored transport or an AT-AT walker. You must have seen them in ‘Star Wars Universe’. Their strength is also in their feet, which keeps them stable in difficult situations. Hyundai aims to create a ‘walking car’ to tackle the challenges of driving and reach places where people’s lives can be saved during natural calamities. The company has already revealed a taxi concept in New York that can climb stairs and help passengers in wheelchairs.

Launched in Montana, New Horizons studio will focus on the development, testing and deployment of two UMV models. The company has told that this is the first UMV, which will be built on the combined technology of robot and eclectic cars. According to the reports, the legs of Hyundai’s walking car can be folded when needed and can be driven at high speed like other vehicles.

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