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Delhi Vasant Vihar Suicide Case: What used to happen in the house. Neighbors are telling different things, what is the secret of suicide?


New Delhi: Loneliness, husband’s death and money crunch… Everyone is troubled by this suicide after the dead bodies of mother and two daughters were found in a flat in Vasant Vihar area of ​​the capital Delhi. What ever happened to a laughing family that they had to take such a step? Police is trying to connect the links of this mass suicide. On the other hand, neighbors are telling different things about the family. The question arises that what is the mystery of this triple suicide?

Husband’s death and entire family in depression

The deceased Manju Srivastava (55), elder daughter Ankita (30) and younger daughter Anshika (26) were very friendly. The worker in his house told that before the Corona period, his house was very happy. This family helped me a lot when my child was born.
Mother-daughter suicide: We will be united… What happened in the mysterious house of Delhi, the whole situation inside
Animal love, sentimental.. then why so?
People living in Vasant Apartments are also shocked by Manju’s move. People told that this family loved animals. There was a reserve. However, people accept the matter of money crunch. Police is treating it as a case of suicide. Everyone died of suffocation due to the gas coming out of the fireplace.

Umesh was the only earning person

Pammi Mudgal, who lives in the neighborhood, said that the family of the deceased had shifted here during the 90s. He was a resident of Kanpur. This family had two flats. Manju’s husband was a senior accountant. Both his daughters had studied B.Com. Umesh was the sole breadwinner of this household. He told that Umesh was a very good person. Whenever he met anyone, he used to pray and salute. However, other members of this family were rarely seen outside the house. In 2018, when work was done in Mudgal’s house, she used to live in another flat of Umesh. In 2018, I went to pay rent in his flat for the last time. Otherwise, their daughters themselves used to take rent from my house. With this rent, she used to bring medicines for her mother.
You have become ‘alien’ not your own! Who is responsible for suicide of mother and daughters in Delhi?
No money even for Umesh’s funeral
Vasant Apartments RWA President M David said that Umesh was admitted to AIIMS last year for the treatment of corona. Other family members also had corona. When Umesh passed away, Anshika told me that we had nothing. After this, the people of the society had donated Umesh’s funeral.

Both daughters are also in depression!
Kamala Devi, who worked in this house for the last 10-11 years, told that the situation was good before Corona. Anshika always used to talk to me. When Corona started, Umesh asked me to quit because he didn’t have money to pay me. After his death last year, the family faced hardships. Manju used to lie on the bed. Due to this both the daughters went into depression.
Delhi Triple Suicide: Fireplace in the room… sealed with polythene outside so that the smoke does not come out, when the room opened, the view was astonishing
On Saturday, the grocery shopkeeper was called for money.

After Umesh’s death due to Corona, the family told me that they got some help from the government. On Thursday, Anshika called me and told her to inform Jain uncle (grocery shopkeeper) that her dues would be cleared on Saturday. Everything seemed fine till Friday. When Kamala called on Saturday, no one picked up her phone. I went to his house and knocked on the door. But no one opened the door. Then I left for work. Later a shopkeeper also knocked on the door but it did not open. When I returned from work, I sent my son there but no one responded. After this people called the police and called.

Anshika used to come to feed dogs and cats
The people of the society told that Ankita also had some health issue. David told that both the girls had completed schooling and may have completed further education through distance education. Durga, 32, who lives in the society, told that Anshika used to come outside the house to give food to dogs and cats. Grocery shop owner Hans Kumar Jain told that he had gone to his house on Saturday to collect his dues. He never used to come outside the house. I always used to go to his house to deliver things.

relatives seen in hospital
The relatives of the deceased, who were seen during the post-mortem at Safdarjung Hospital, had arrived. A relative told that he had spoken to Anshika last month and everything seemed fine after talking. No one would have thought that something like this would happen. Both the daughters were very close to their father. After the death of the father, both the daughters were financially and emotionally broken. Another relative told that Umesh was preparing for Ankita’s wedding and wanted to make Anshika a CA.

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