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Delhi: Side effects of storm and storm, instructions given for cutting of trees in a scientific way


Delhi : Thunderstorm (Delhi StormLt Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena has taken cognizance of the disruption caused to the public, the damage caused to the property of the government and the general public due to the falling of trees and the impact on the traffic. He has directed the officers of all agencies to review the situation, assess the damage caused by the storm, find out its causes and take necessary steps to ensure that it does not happen again.

According to the LG, many experts are also blaming the concretization around the trunks and roots of trees and the unscientific approach towards the maintenance of greenery. The LG says that from the first day he had instructed the officers to cut 45 feet high trees in a scientific manner. Citing the research done in this direction around the world, he said that pruning done in a scientific way not only increases the strength of trees, but also increases the life of trees and also maintains and preserves their natural appearance. .

Apart from this, it also proves helpful in saving trees from damage in times of natural calamity. The LG has directed the officials to take necessary steps to make the space around the trees concrete free and leave at least one meter of space vacant. The LG took reports from all the agencies till late night on Monday and on Tuesday morning to ensure that the roads could be cleared early so that the traffic system could become normal. He has asked to prune the weak branches of trees, as such branches break and fall very quickly and also become the cause of accidents.

The LG has also directed civic agencies to identify trees whose roots have weakened due to construction of concrete pavements and take necessary measures to enhance the strength of all such trees. He has also advised all the agencies to take concrete steps by writing letters to each other instead of doing frivolity.

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