Customs officials arrested two for smuggling gold, counterfeit currency


New Delhi, Jan 14 (PTI) The Finance Ministry on Friday said that customs officials have arrested two persons for smuggling gold worth Rs 7.5 lakh and counterfeit currency worth Rs 10 lakh.

According to the statement, on January 12, customs officials at the Delhi airport arrested an Indian passenger who had come from the United Arab Emirates in this connection.

The customs officials recovered 24 pieces of cylindrical shape of gold weighing 175 grams in total, having duty value of Rs 7,65,089 and counterfeit Indian currency of face value of Rs 10 lakh, the ministry said.

Subsequently, an Indian national was also stopped, who had allegedly come to pick up a passenger coming from UAE at the airport’s arrival gate.

According to the statement, the passenger had allegedly hidden gold and counterfeit notes in his trolley bag.

According to the ministry, both have been arrested. The inspection of the matter is going on. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has also joined the investigation.