CSKA beat Panathinaikos in the Euroleague match


Moscow CSKA defeated the Greek “Panathinaikos” in the guest match of the Euroleague – 98:74.

After a series of game postponements due to the coronavirus, CSKA played its match in Greece against Panathinaikos.

CSKA already in the first quarter managed to achieve an advantage of six points. The second ten minutes runs the risk of having nightmares for the owners for a long time. The army team dominated the court, having received a 27-point lead by the big break.

The second half was less tense. The teams played out the match, and all attempts by the hosts to reduce the difference in the score did not lead to anything.

The result is 98:74. The most productive player of the meeting was the army man Marius Grigonis, who scored 19 points.

For CSKA, this victory was the 11th, for the Greeks – the 14th defeat.