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Created a universal processor with the ability to upgrade – News

A team of engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a universal artificial intelligence chip designed for use in a wide variety of devices. But its main feature is the possibility of an upgrade.

New from MIT can upgrade any device that contains this chip. It is assumed that it will be possible to replace all kinds of sensors and coprocessors with newer ones, thus gaining access to new technologies and capabilities without having to replace the main device, be it a smartphone, smart watch or other gadget.

The chip design combines alternating layers of sensing and processing elements, as well as Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), which allow the layers of the chip to transmit light to exchange information. This has an advantage over standard modular ICs that use conventional wiring to carry signals between layers. Such complex connections are difficult and even almost impossible to break or rewire, and therefore reconfigure. But with the new chip, everything is different. In the developed processor, layers can be swapped or superimposed on each other.

It is still difficult to imagine how to implement this technology in commercial devices so that the owner of a conditional smartphone would modify the processor installed in it.

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