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COVID 4th wave in India: Two lethal variants of Omicron entered the country, 55235 people sick in 7 days, keep an eye on these 6 symptoms

in India Coronavirus pandemic The outbreak is increasing rapidly. There has been a huge jump in the number of new cases in the last few days. Corona’s fourth wave (Covid 4th wave) As seen. In the last 24 hours, 8,822 new cases have been reported in the country, with which the total cases of corona have increased to 43,245,517. After the death of 15 people, the total death toll has gone up to 524,792. At present there are 53,637 active cases in the country. It is being told that 55,235 new cases have been reported in the country in the last one week.

Meanwhile, some cases related to new variants of Corona have been found in the country. It is being told that in Mumbai Omicron sub-variant BA.4 (Omicron BA.4) Three cases of K and one case of Omicron sub-variant ba.5 (Omicron BA.5) have been found. Both these lethal variants of Omicron were first identified in South Africa in early January this year. BA.5 has so far spread in 47 countries and BA.4 so far in 42 countries.

BA.5 was found in the person who got both the vaccines

The maternal uncle of BA.5 subvariant infection has received both doses of corona, while all three cases of BA.4 have not been vaccinated. Two out of three cases of BA.4 are 11-year-old girls who are not yet eligible for vaccination.

How deadly is BA.4 and BA.5


It is being told that no seriousness or demand for hospitalization has been seen in people infected with these variants of corona. In those countries, where these variants remain the cause of the fourth wave of corona, its severity or any serious symptoms were not seen in the patients.

Characteristics of BA.4 and BA.5


No specific symptoms of BA.4 and BA.5 have been reported so far. Even the infected patients have not needed to be hospitalized. Since they are sub-variants of Omicron, the traits they have are similar to those of Omicron. Common symptoms of corona seen during infection with Omicron are sore throat, itchy throat, headache, fever, fatigue and muscle aches.

Can BA.4 and BA.5 bring the fourth wave


Experts have said that the increase in new subvariants and corona cases does not mean a new wave. However, for the last few days, there has been a spurt in the cases of corona in the country. This is the reason why experts are constantly advising to follow the rules related to Corona and not to ignore the situation.

ways to prevent corona

The threat of corona is not completely averted. Seeing the speed with which the cases are increasing for the last few days, it is being speculated that the prediction of the researchers of IIT-Kanpur that the fourth wave of corona at the end of June may not prove to be true. This is the reason why experts are constantly placing more emphasis on the rules of corona such as applying face masks, taking booster shots, social distancing, and cleanliness.

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