Cotton prices kept on increasing and decreasing throughout the week


Jind, Jan 15 (PTI) In Haryana’s main agricultural market Jind, the prices of cotton kept fluctuating last week and after reaching Rs 9600 per quintal in the beginning, the price fell to Rs 8700 and again at the end of the week by Rs 9400. per quintal reached.

The faces of the farmers have started blooming due to the increase in the prices of cotton after three days. Farmers say that the prices have started rising, and they expect the price to reach Rs 10,000 per quintal next week.

He said that this time the production has been affected due to pink bollworm in cotton and in such a situation, the farmers have hope from the price itself.

Farmers Chandra, Satbir, Prakash, Raja said that this time the production of cotton has been affected due to pink bollworm. Many farmers even had to plow the standing crop when the crop was damaged by pink bollworm. This time the farmers are hopeful only from the price, so that the economic loss that has been done can be reduced to some extent.

Agents Bhup Khatkar, Vedprakash Garg, Ramdutt Sharma told that the price of cotton has been more than Rs 8700 per quintre this week. The price fluctuated and rose again towards the end of the week. This time the production of cotton is less and the quality is also not good.

Market committee secretary Narendra Kundu said that on Saturday the price remained up to Rs 9400 per quintal.